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Assessing the Risk of Severe Domestic Violence
The findings of this study contribute to the discussion about the best method for predicting the recurrence of severe domestic violence. The findings are from a secondary data analysis comparing theExpand
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Evaluating a sexual assault and dating violence prevention program for urban youths
A sexual assault and dating violence prevention program presented in an urban middle school was evaluated to assess its influence on the knowledge and attitudes of an intervention group of 46 and aExpand
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When Will Adolescents Tell Someone About Dating Violence Victimization?
This study examined factors that influence help-seeking among a diverse sample of adolescents who experienced dating violence. A sample of 57 high school students in an urban community reported onExpand
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Coordinated Community Intervention for Domestic Violence: The Effects of Arrest and Prosecution on Recidivism of Woman Abuse Perpetrators
This study explored the effectiveness of a coordinated community intervention designed to reduce domestic violence in DuPage County, Illinois. Police reports for all domestic violence calls within aExpand
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Coordinating Community Responses to Domestic Violence: Lessons From Duluth and Beyond
PART ONE: EIGHT KEY COMPONENTS OF COMMUNITY INTERVENTION PROJECTS An Introduction - Ellen L Pence and Melanie F Shepard Developing a Coordinated Community Response Some Thoughts on Philosophy - EllenExpand
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Informal helpers' responses when adolescents tell them about dating violence or romantic relationship problems.
This study examines the responses of informal helpers to adolescents who disclose dating violence or upsetting but non-violent experiences in their romantic relationships. Based on a survey of 224Expand
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Graduating Social Work Students’ Perspectives on Domestic Violence
This article reports the findings of a qualitative study that examined 124 social work students’ views on the causes and dynamics of domestic violence and their recommended interventions in a caseExpand
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Legal Advocacy for Domestic Violence Survivors: The Power of an Informative Relationship
This article uses data from interviews with domestic violence survivors and advocates to show how legal advocacy for survivors can be successful when it responds to women's relational needs byExpand
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Evaluating a Psychoeducational Sexual Assault Prevention Program Incorporating Theatrical Presentation, Peer Education, and Social Work
Objective A theatrical sexual assault prevention program presented by social work students on an urban university campus was evaluated to assess its influence on attitude change of audienceExpand
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Exploring Gender Differences
This qualitative study explored gender differences in socially interactive technology (SIT) use/abuse among dating teens from Michigan (N = 23). Focus group transcripts were coded using threeExpand
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