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International classification of ecological communities: terrestrial vegetation of the United States
A method of atomizing liquid paint using a rotating atomizing device and electrostatically coating an article with a smooth homogeneous film of paint and without the generation of foam or otherExpand
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How global biodiversity hotspots may go unrecognized: Lessons from the North American Coastal Plain
Biodiversity hotspots are conservation priorities. We identify the North American Coastal Plain (NACP) as a global hotspot based on the classic definition, a region with > 1500 endemic plant speciesExpand
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A community‐derived classification for extant lycophytes and ferns
Phylogeny has long informed pteridophyte classification. As our ability to infer evolutionary trees has improved, classifications aimed at recognizing natural groups have become increasinglyExpand
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Non-alluvial wetlands of the Southern Blue Ridge — Diversity in a threatened ecosystem
The generally steep landscape of the Southern Blue Ridge is not conducive to the formation of extensive wetlands, but wetlands do occur. Wetlands in this region are mostly small in size (< 10 ha),Expand
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A newly recognized species of Arundinaria from the southern Appalachian Mountains is described, illustrated, and compared with the related species A. gigantea and A. tecta. Arundinaria appalachianaExpand
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EcoVeg: a new approach to vegetation description and classification
A vegetation classification approach is needed that can describe the diversity of terrestrial ecosystems and their transformations over large time frames, span the full range of spatial andExpand
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Vegetation-plot database of the Carolina Vegetation Survey
The Carolina Vegetation Survey (CVS) is a multi-institutional research program designed to document the composition of the natural vegetation of the Carolinas and adjacent states. CVS maintains aExpand
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5 On the Use of Taxonomic Concepts in Support of Biodiversity Research and Taxonomy
Future biodiversity research will make increased use of distributed data networks, scientific workflows, and powerful mechanisms for resolving a broad spectrum of primary data. This paper outlinesExpand
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Conservation of the endangered Pinus palustris ecosystem based on Coastal Plain centres of plant endemism
Abstract Question: Can the geographic patterning of endemic plant species inform reserve selection in a region of high endemism? Location: The southeastern Coastal Plain of North America, focusingExpand
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