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Understanding and managing conservation conflicts.
Conservation conflicts are increasing and need to be managed to minimise negative impacts on biodiversity, human livelihoods, and human well-being. Here, we explore strategies and case studies thatExpand
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Biodiversity inventories, indicator taxa and effects of habitat modification in tropical forest
Despite concern about the effects of tropical forest disturbance and clearance on biodiversity,, data on impacts, particularly on invertebrates, remain scarce. Here we report a taxonomically diverseExpand
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Herbivory in global climate change research: direct effects of rising temperature on insect herbivores
This review examines the direct effects of climate change on insect herbivores. Temperature is identified as the dominant abiotic factor directly affecting herbivorous insects. There is littleExpand
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Long-term datasets in biodiversity research and monitoring: assessing change in ecological communities through time.
The growing need for baseline data against which efforts to reduce the rate of biodiversity loss can be judged highlights the importance of long-term datasets, some of which are as old as ecologyExpand
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Identifying and managing the conflicts between agriculture and biodiversity conservation in Europe - a review
This paper reviews conflicts between biodiversity conservation and agricultural activities in agricultural landscapes and evaluates strategies to reconcile such conflicts. Firstly, a historicalExpand
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Ecology of Insects: Concepts and Applications
Preface. 1. An Overview of Insect Ecology. 2. Insects and Climate. 3. Insect Herbivores. 4. Resource Limitation. 5. Natural Enemies and Insect Population Dynamics. 6. Evolutionary Ecology. 7.Expand
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Improving the science-policy dialogue to meet the challenges of biodiversity conservation: having conversations rather than talking at one-another
A better, more effective dialogue is needed between biodiversity science and policy to underpin the sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity. Many initiatives exist to improve communication,Expand
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Balancing credibility, relevance and legitimacy: A critical assessment of trade-offs in science-policy interfaces
To foster strong connections between knowledge and policy action, science–policy interfaces, and the information they produce and exchange, need to be credible, relevant and legitimate. Though thisExpand
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Towards sustainable land use: identifying and managing the conflicts between human activities and biodiversity conservation in Europe
Conflicts between biodiversity conservation and human activities are becoming increasingly apparent in all European landscapes. The intensification of agricultural and silvicultural practices, landExpand
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The diversity and abundance of ants in relation to forest disturbance and plantation establishment in southern Cameroon
Summary 1. Tropical biodiversity is seriously threatened by deforestation but few studies have quantified its impact. We aimed to measure the impact of forest clearance and different methods ofExpand
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