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Conservation Biology for the Australian Environment
Conservation biology draws from a diverse tange of academic fields. Already a number of textbooks are available on the subject. This book is the first attempt to place the concepts of conservationExpand
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They're here—I can feel them: the epistemic spaces of Indigenous and Western Knowledges
Indigenous Knowledges (IK) are continually contrasted with Western positivist sciences. Yet the usual conception of IK—as a translatable knowledge about things—renders incomprehensible its discussionExpand
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I crashed the boat and wept: Localizing the “field” in critical geographic practice
Abstract Geographers often practice “fieldwork” for research, physically traveling between field and the academy. While critical scholars have contemplated their positionality in the field, what getsExpand
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Limitations of an optimum sustainable population or potential biological removal approach for conserving marine mammals: Pacific walrus case study.
Decision rules are the agreed-upon points at which specific management interventions are initiated. For marine mammal management under the U.S. Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA), decision rules areExpand
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Indigenous Studies Speaks to Environmental Management
This article describes the increasing connections between the fields of Indigenous studies and environmental management and examines some of the ways that an Indigenous studies perspective can guideExpand
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Understanding and adapting to observed changes in the Alaskan Arctic: Actionable knowledge co-production with Alaska Native communities
Abstract Global changes in climate, connectivity, and commerce are having profound impacts on the Arctic environment and inhabitants. There is widespread recognition of the value of incorporatingExpand
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Misunderstanding the “Nature” of Co-Management: A Geography of Regulatory Science and Indigenous Knowledges (IK)
  • A. Watson
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  • 25 June 2013
Governments, NGOs, and natural scientists have increased research and policy-making collaborations with Indigenous peoples for governing natural resources, including official co-management regimes.Expand
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Transgressions of the man on the moon: climate change, Indigenous expertise, and the posthumanist ethics of place and space
AbstractIndigenous peoples have been enrolled in climate change research for decades, participating in data-gathering, as writing collaborators, and serving as the symbolic “canary in the coal mine”Expand
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