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Importance of plant physical cues in host acceptance for oviposition by Busseola fusca
Plant and surrogate stems exhibiting specific combinations of physical cues were used to determine which plant‐related stimuli influence the oviposition of Busseola fusca (Fuller) (Lepidoptera:Expand
Flight and oviposition behaviour of the African stem borer, Busseola fusca, on various host plant species
The African stem borer, Busseola fusca (Fuller) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), is an important pest of maize and sorghum in sub‐Saharan Africa. As in many other lepidopteran insects, the ability of B.Expand
In vitro effects of Warburgia ugandensis, Psiadia punctulata and Chasmanthera dependens on Leishmania major promastigotes.
Plant extracts from Warburgia ugandensis Sprague (Family: Canellaceae), Psiadia punctulata Vatke (Family: Compositae) and Chasmanthera dependens Hoschst (Family: Menispermaceae) were tested forExpand
Impact of Insecticide Resistance on P. falciparum Vectors' Biting, Feeding, and Resting Behaviour in Selected Clusters in Teso North and South Subcounties in Busia County, Western Kenya
Introduction Behavioural resistance to insecticides restrains the efficacy of vector control tools against mosquito-transmitted diseases. The current study is aimed at determining the impact ofExpand
Species Composition, Phenotypic and Genotypic Resistance Levels in Major Malaria Vectors in Teso North and Teso South Subcounties in Busia County, Western Kenya
Introduction Knockdown resistance (kdr) is strongly linked to pyrethroid insecticide resistance in Anopheles gambiae in Africa, which may have vital significance to the current increased use ofExpand
Small area estimation: An application of a flexible fay-herriot method
We propose a new flexible small area model by incorporating a tuning (index)parameter into the standard area-level (Fay-Herriot) model to handle random effects in small area estimation. Expand
Bayesian Structural Equation Modeling: A Business Culture Application in Kenya
Structural equation modeling (SEM) is a multivariate method that incorporates regression, path-analysis and factor analysis. Classical SEM requires the assumption of multivariate normality to be metExpand
Effects of target-site insecticide resistance on major malaria vectors’ biting patterns and entomological inoculation rates in Teso sub counties, western Kenya
Background /Introduction Malaria control is mainly based on indoor residual spraying and insecticide-treated bed nets. The efficacy of these tools depends on the feeding behaviour of mosquitoes.Expand
Application of paired student t-test on impact of Anti-retroviral therapy on CD4 cell count among HIV Seroconverters in serodiscordant heterosexual relationships: A case study of Nyanza region, Kenya.
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection leads to rise in HIV-RNA resulting in CD4 T-cell decline leading to AIDS-related illness. Knowing the effect of Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) on CD4 cellExpand
A Flexible Characterization of models for small area estimation: Theoretical developments and Applications
The demand for reliable small area estimates derived from survey data has increased greatly in recent years due to, among other things, their growing use in formulating policies and programs,Expand