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Model development and analysis of tenidap-induced proteinuria in the rat.
It was concluded that tenidap caused a rapid, stable and reversible phosphaturia, microalbuminuria and proteinuria in the rat, due to impaired proximal tubule albumin reabsorption that were not associated with other signs of impaired renal function or histological evidence of tubulointerstitial nephritis or proximal Tubule/glomerular damage.
MER-101-03, a multicenter, phase II study to compare MER-101 20mg tablets to intravenous zoledronic acid 4mg in prostate cancer patients.
Orazol weekly therapy appears to be as effective as Zometa, based on the biomarkers analyzed, and a rapid decrease for all four biomarkers was seen at seven days, and was sustained throughout the study.
Abstract B57: Safety profile of zoledronic acid in a novel oral formulation
Results to date indicate Orazol is an effective and potentially safer alternative to IV ZA, which may substantially improve patients’ quality of life.
MER-101 tablets: A pilot bioavailability study of a novel oral formulation of zoledronic acid
A tablet dosage form of zoledronic acid has been successfully developed which will allow once weekly treatment of patients and was well tolerated and there were no serious adverse events associated with its administration.