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Erythropoietin-hematocrit feedback circuit in the anemia of end-stage renal disease.
Deficient erythropoietin (EP) production is thought to be a key factor in the pathogenesis of the anemia of end-stage renal disease. We describe the interrelationships between radioimmunoassayedExpand
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Adoptive immunotherapy for stage IV renal cell carcinoma: a novel protocol utilizing periodate and interleukin-2-activated autologous leukocytes and continuous infusions of low-dose interleukin-2
Abstract In a pilot study involving 13 patients with advanced stage IV renal cell carcinoma, anti-tumor effects and toxicity of a novel form of adoptive immunotherapy were determined. The protocolExpand
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A phase II clinical trial of adoptive immunotherapy for advanced renal cell carcinoma using mitogen-activated autologous leukocytes and continuous infusion interleukin-2.
Forty patients with metastatic, recurrent, or unresectable renal cell carcinoma were entered into a study of the therapeutic efficacy of adoptive immunotherapy using periodate (IO4-) andExpand
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The peripheral kinetics of human radiolabelled eosinophils
SummaryPeripheral kinetics of eosinophils were studied in three subjects with normal hematological conditions after a puls labelling with 0.1 μ Ci3HTdR perg body weight. The computer recordedExpand
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Identification of L3 leukemia and Burkitt's lymphoma cells by flow cytometric quantitation of nuclear and cellular RNA and DNA content.
  • A. Walle
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Leukemia research
  • 1986
Separate quantitations of nucleic acids of isolated nuclei and cells of L3 leukemia/Burkitt's lymphoma cell populations of peripheral blood (PB), bone marrow (BM) and lymph node (LN) cell suspensionsExpand
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Measurement of total body water in patients on maintenance hemodialysis using an ethanol dilution technique.
The applicability of the ethanol dilution (ED) technique for total body water (TBW) determination in uremic patients was studied. 73 TBW measurements were performed on 28 patients. As the basicExpand
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Multiparameter characterization of L3 leukemia cell populations.
Multiparameter analysis of 14 consecutive patients with L3 cell populations (FAB classification) in bone marrow showed consistently high mean cellular RNA content but heterogeneity with respect toExpand
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Distribution and content of nuclear and cellular RNA among cell populations of acute lymphoblastic and nonlymphoblastic leukemia.
  • A. Walle
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Cancer research
  • 1 October 1985
The RNA content of intact cells and isolated nuclei of normal human lymphocytes and mononuclear cell populations (containing at least 50% blasts) from patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)Expand
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A simple density gradient for enriching subfractions of solid tumor cells.
Cell suspensions of human solid tumors could be separated into 5 or 6 subfractions for flow cytometry by centrifugation on a continuous silica gel (Percoll, Pharmacia Fine Chemicals, Upsalla, Sweden)Expand
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