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Some aspects of nutrient chemistry of the Caribbean Sea
Chemical oceanographic studies were conducted at 45 stations in the Caribbean Sea, covering both rearshore and offshore areas. The concentrations of oxygen in the upper mixed layers varied between
Effect of alcohol extracts of demospongiae on growth of periphytic diatoms
Antifoulin g potentialities of alcoh ol extracts of demospongiae against dominalll marine foulin g diatoms are report ed, and laboratory and field studies support that sponges contai n compound s tha t act as anti -foul ant s.
Antifouling activities of marine sedentary invertebrates on some macrofoulers
Toxicity revival studies indicate that the transient presence of active extracts did not cause irreversible damage to P. viridis and the possible potentialities of these extracts as natural non toxic antifouling agents are indicated.
Antifouling activities of octocorals on some marine microfoulers.
The hypothesis that octocorals contain antifouling agents, which could be exploited for the development of nontoxic natural antifOUling technology is supported.
Planktonic diatoms of the Zuari estuary, Goa (west coast of India)
During the studies on fouling diatoms in Zuary estuary, Pennales were dominant over Centrales both in diversity of genera and species and overlying surface diatom were also studied for comparison.
Quantitative studies on benthic macrofauna of north-eastern Arabian Sea shelf
THE orth-eastern Arabian Sea, which is a very pr uctive area in the Indian Ocean1, is not ad uately studied2,s for its benthic fauna. A surve on the benthos of the continental shelf of this regi was
Biofouling of an offshore oil platform: faunal composition and biomass
Etude de l'invasion des parties immergees d'une plate-forme petroliere par les organismes marins encroutants: suivi de la colonisation, biomasse representee, inventaire faunistique des especes