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Methods for removal and estimation of microfouling biomass.
A comparative evaluation of various methods for the removal and estimation of micro fouling material and biomass respectively was carried out. Efficiencies of removal of the microfouling layer wereExpand
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Biofouling of an offshore oil platform: faunal composition and biomass
Etude de l'invasion des parties immergees d'une plate-forme petroliere par les organismes marins encroutants: suivi de la colonisation, biomasse representee, inventaire faunistique des especesExpand
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Planktonic diatoms of the Zuari estuary, Goa (west coast of India)
During the studies on fouling diatoms in Zuary estuary the overlying surface diatoms were also studied for comparison. In all 66 spp. of planktonic diatoms have been recorded, belonging to 29 genera.Expand
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Accumulation of copper and zinc by Balanus amphitrite in a tropical estuary
Abstract Balanus amphitrite (Cirripedia: Thoracica) a dominant fouling organism was analysed to assess the accumulation potentialities of copper and zinc. It was observed that it could accumulate CuExpand
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Cryopreservation studies on the marine diatom Navicula subinflata Grun
Very little work has been done on marine unicellular algae regarding cryopreservation. The present work was, therefore, undertaken to study the effect of different cryoprotectants andExpand
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Carbohydrate sources of microfouling material developed on aluminium and stainless steel panels
Test panels of aluminium and stainless steel were deployed in the surface waters of Dona Paula Bay, the Arabian Sea and aluminium panels at 10, 30 and 50 m depths at a shelf station in the Bay ofExpand
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Electron transport system activity of microfouling material: Relationships with biomass parameters
Microfouling material developed on aluminium panels immersed in surface waters of the Dona Paula Bay was analysed for biomass (measured as dry weight, organic carbon, protein and chlorophyll a) andExpand
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Cryopreservation ofBalanus amphitritenauplii
Abstract The possibility of cryopreserving Balanus amphitrite (Cirripedia; thoracica) nauplii is explored. The effects on the postthaw survival of a range of cryobiological variables are reported;Expand
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