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Human resources for health: overcoming the crisis
This analysis of the global workforce proposes that mobilisation and strengthening of human resources for health, neglected yet critical, is central to combating health crises in some of the world's poorest countries and for building sustainable health systems in all countries. Expand
Famine Crimes: Politics and the Disaster Relief Industry in Africa
Rights and entitlements the conquest of famine in Africa 1900-1985 a fragile obligation to famine relief retreat from accountability I neo-liberalism and adjustment retreat from accountability II theExpand
New variant famine: AIDS and food crisis in southern Africa
It is proposed that these new aspects to the food crisis can be attributed largely to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the region, and evidence is presented that Southern Africa is facing a new variant famine. Expand
Links [1] http://www.wipo.int/edocs/mdocs/africa/en/wipo_inn_kgl_15/wipo_inn_kgl_15_r_1.pdf [2] https://www.infodev.org/infodev-files/resource/InfodevDocuments_1195.pdf [3]Expand
Famine that Kills: Darfur, Sudan, 1984-1985
"Famine" in English Darfur the history and concept of famine drought hunger destitution death relief other famines.
AIDS And Power: Why There Is No Political Crisis Yet
  • A. Waal
  • Political Science
  • 30 March 2006
* Table of Contents * 1. A Manageable Catastrophe * 2. Denial and How it is Overcome * 3. AIDS Activists: Reformers and Revolutionaries * 4. How African Democracies Withstand AIDS * 5. The PoliticalExpand
When kleptocracy becomes insolvent: Brute causes of the civil war in South Sudan
South Sudan obtained independence in July 2011 as a kleptocracy – a militarized, corrupt neo-patrimonial system of governance. By the time of independence, the South Sudanese “political marketplace”Expand
Who Are the Darfurians? Arab and African Identities, Violence and External Engagement
  • A. Waal
  • Political Science
  • 1 April 2005
This article examines processes of identity formation in Darfur, now part of the Republic of Sudan, over the last four centuries. The basic story is of four overlapping processes of identityExpand
2015 Global Hunger Index: Armed Conflict and the Challenge of Hunger
The developing world has made progress in reducing hunger since 2000. The 2015 Global Hunger Index (GHI) shows that the level of hunger in developing countries as a group has fallen by 27 percent.Expand
A Re‐assessment of Entitlement Theory in the Light of the Recent Famines in Africa
This paper is an attempt to re-assess the nature of famines, as conceptualized in Professor Sen's entitlement theory, in the light of empirical evidence concerning the recent African famines. TheExpand