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Danish education registers
Introduction: Collection of systematic information on education is a long-established practice in Denmark. Content: We describe the education registers available through Statistics Denmark. InExpand
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Increasing the length of parents' birth-related leave: The effect on children's long-term educational outcomes☆
Investments in children are generally seen as investments in the future economy. In this study I focus on time investments in children as I investigate the long-term educational effects on childrenExpand
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The effect of immigrant concentration in schools on native and immigrant children's reading and math skills
Using a unique and very rich PISA dataset from Denmark, we show that the immigrant concentration in the school influences reading and math skills for both immigrant children and native children.Expand
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Fertility Effects on Female Labor Supply: IV Evidence from IVF Treatments
This paper introduces a new IV strategy based on IVF induced fertility variation in childless families to estimate the causal effect of having children on female labor supply using IVF treated womenExpand
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Long-run benefits from universal high-quality preschooling
This paper investigates the role of preschool quality for children’s school performance at the end of primary school. We construct five structural quality indicators based on unique DanishExpand
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Professional Development and Its Impact on Children in Early Childhood Education and Care: A Meta-Analysis Based on European Studies
ABSTRACT This study reviews the European evidence on the impact of professional development (PD) of pre-school educators on child outcomes. A meta-analysis investigates how PD of pre-school educatorsExpand
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Does Professional Development of Preschool Teachers Improve Child Socio-Emotional Outcomes?
From 2011 to 2013 a randomized controlled trial has been run in Danish preschools to obtain evidence on improvements of early childhood education by providing training to the preschool teachers. TheExpand
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How distance to a non-resident parent relates to child outcomes
Family courts now encourage both parents to maintain contact with their children following separation/divorce, believing this is in the child’s best interest. We use geographical distance betweenExpand
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Children and Divorce: Evidence from IVF Treatments
Do children serve as marriage specific capital and improve marital stability? This paper introduces a new IV strategy based on IVF induced fertility variation in childless families to estimate theExpand
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Family Structure Changes and Children's Health, Behavior, and Educational Outcomes
More and more children do not grow up in traditional nuclear fam- ilies. Instead, they grow up in single-parent households or in fami- lies with a step-parent. Hence, it is important to improve ourExpand
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