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The global carbon cycle.
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Extinction Thresholds for Species in Fractal Landscapes
Predicting species' responses to habitat loss and fragmentation is one of the greatest challenges fac- ing conservation biologists, particularly if extinction is a threshold phenomenon. ExtinctionExpand
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Aggregating Fine-Scale Ecological Knowledge to Model Coarser-Scale Attributes of Ecosystems.
We present four methods of translating fine-scale knowledge so it can be applied at coarser scales: (1) partial transformations using the expectation operator, (2) moment expansions, (3) partitioning, and calibration. Expand
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Dispersal success on fractal landscapes: a consequence of lacunarity thresholds
Habitat fragmentation is expected to disrupt dispersal, and thus we explored how patch metrics of landscape structure, such as percolation thresholds used to define landscape connectivity,Expand
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A hierarchical framework for the analysis of scale
This paper explores some basic properties of scaled systems with a view toward taking advantage of the scaled structure in predicting system dynamics. Expand
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Models represent our primary method for integration of small-scale, process- level phenomena into a comprehensive description of forest-stand or ecosystem function. They also represent a key methodExpand
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Remaining large grasslands may not be sufficient to prevent grassland bird declines
Abstract Grassland birds are in steep decline throughout many regions of the world. In North America, even some common species have declined by >50% over the last few decades. Declines in grasslandExpand
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Dispersal success on spatially structured landscapes: when do spatial pattern and dispersal behavior really matter?
Abstract Dispersal is a fundamental component of many spatial population models. Concerns over the need to incorporate detailed information on dispersal behavior in spatially explicit populationExpand
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The Use and Misuse of Neutral Landscape Models in Ecology
Neutral landscape models (NLMs) were developed from percolation theory nearly a decade ago. Since then, the original random percolation maps have undergone adaptive radiation and NLMs now include aExpand
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Plant Respiration in a Warmer World
Acclimation of plants to higher temperatures may reduce the extra warming caused by increased plant respiration in a future warmer world.
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