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Records of the occurrence of boulders of Norwegian rocks in Aberdeenshire and Banffshire
On three occasions recently boulders of characteristic Norwegian rocks have been discovered in the superficial deposits of Banffshire and Aberdeenshire, and have been exhibited at meetings of theExpand
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Application Of An Exploding Wire Capping Shutter To The Study Of Solid High Explosive Charges Using An Ultrahigh-Speed Rotating Mirror Camera
The Explosives and Engineering Group at Defence Research Establishment Suffield (DRES) has developed a portable field laboratory containing an ultra-high speed camera (Cordin Model 330A) for theExpand
On a felsite sill near Aberdeen
  • A. W. Gibb
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  • Transactions of the Edinburgh Geological Society
Larger igneous masses are generally accompanied by minor intrusions in the form of dykes, sills, and sometimes laccoliths. Attention has recently been drawn, in some detail, to numbers of these inExpand
Reorientation Measurement in 56Fe
The reorientation effect in Coulomb excitation has been used to measure the static quadrupole moment of the first 2+ level of 56Fe. Using beams of 4He and 16O on thin highly enriched targets andExpand
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Coulomb excitation of Pt nuclei
Abstract Coulomb excitation of the second excited states of 192 Pt and 194 Pt gave B (E2, 0 + → 2 + ′) values of 0.020(3) and 0.0111(17) e 2 · b 2 respectively. The 199.3 keV level of 195 Pt wasExpand
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Free-flight measurement of the drag forces on cylinders in Event Dice Throw. Technical paper
Previous determinations of drag coefficients for both steady and unsteady flow are reviewed for all reported experiments at critical and supercritical Reynolds numbers. The unsolved problemsExpand
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The Effect of Air Gaps on the Propagation of Detonation in Charges Consisting of Stacked Blocks of Cast TNT
Abstract : A series of experiments was conducted to examine the influence on the uniformity of detonation propagation of air gaps between large blocks of slow-cooled cast TNT. Donor-receptorExpand
Nuclear g factors in $sup 55$Fe
The ( alpha ,n) reaction on natural chromium was used to study levels in /sup 55/Fe up to 2.5 MeV excitation. Intensities and angular distributions of the decay gamma rays were measured, yieldingExpand
Portable Ultrahigh Speed Photographic Field Laboratory Suitable For The Study Of Self-Luminous And Nonluminous Detonations In Solid High Explosive Charges (10 To 130 Pound TNT Equivalent)
Studies of detonation phenomena in solid high explosive charges at Defence Research Establishment Suffield, undertaken in 1977, generated a requirement for a photographic range facility which wouldExpand