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Granulosa‐ and theca‐cell ovarian tumors: Prognosis
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Oral Contraceptive Medications and Vulvovaginal Candidiasis
The incidence of monilial vulvovaginitis was compared between 3179 women given oral contraceptive drugs and 5240 not given them. Clinical monQiasis in the treated patients progressively increased asExpand
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Vaginal stenosis following irradiation therapy for carcinoma of the cervix uteri
Eighty‐eight per cent of 221 indigent women treated with irradiation for invasive carcinoma of cervix uteri acquired some degree of vaginal stenosis. This complication is caused by denudation of theExpand
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Carcinoma of the cervix uteri with metastases to the neck
Eighteen of 746 women with invasive carcinoma of the cervix uteri who died had metastases to the cervical supraclavicular lymph nodes at the time of death; this is an incidence of 2.4%. The rate hadExpand
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Menstrual irregularities associated with thyroid dysfunction have long been a source of interest and comment to the clinician, and few treatises on disturbances of menstruation fail to detail theExpand
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Noninvasive cervical carcinoma, clinical features.
Abstract Of 17 women with noninvasive carcinoma, over a third were under 30 years old. Several of the patients had a normal appearing cervix and presented no symptoms referable to the genital tract.Expand
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Relation of intermenstrual symptoms and signs to ovulation as determined by basal body temperatures
M IDINTERVAL bleeding, abdominal pain, and leucorrhea are employed as criteria of ovu1ation,20 but many normal women do hot have these changes. Although the relation between ovulation and shift inExpand
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Comparative Clinical Effects of Orally Administered Alpha-Estradiol and Diethylstilbestrol on Postpartum Engorgement of the Breast
Oral doses of other estrogens comparable to those of diethylstilbestrol have not been employed extensively because of the expense involved or the difficulty in obtaining a non-toxic solvent thatExpand
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Diaphragmatic hernia associated with pregnancy
Abstract Among 13 cases of diaphragmatic hernia found in parous women during the last fourteen years at the University Hospitals, 1 woman died during parturition from strangulation of viscera in aExpand
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