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Quaternion Treatment of the Relativistic Wave Equation
A set of matrices can be found which is isomorphic with any linear associative algebra. For the case of quaternions this was first shown by Cayley (1858), but the first formal representation was madeExpand
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The Propagation of Light in a Uniaxal Crystal
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Professor G. A. Schott, 1868 - 1937
George Augustus Schott was born at Bradford of German parentage in 1868. Educated at Bradford Grammar School and Trinity College, Cambridge, he took a first in each part of the Natural ScienceExpand
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Application of quaternions to rotations in hyperbolic space of four dimensions
  • A. W. Conway
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  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London…
  • 11 November 1947
The application of quaternions to flat 4-space was first made in two papers, which have largely escaped notice, by Stringham (1901) and Hathaway (1902). The Lorentz transformation in specialExpand
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Enhanced Series and Atomic Models
IN the Bakerian Lecture, “Series Lines in Spark Spectra,” Prof. A. Fowler indicates an explanation on Bohr's theory of enhanced series in which the Rydberg constant is 4N instead of N. It may be ofExpand
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An Electromagnetic Problem.
The electromagnetic problem enunciated by Prof. Comstock in NATURE of November 19 admits of being solved without any reference to the corpuscular nature of electricity and without going beyond the basis of Maxwell's theory. Expand