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A world-wide key to the genus Graphis (Ostropales: Graphidaceae)
A world-wide key to the genus Graphis is presented, based on extensive type studies and revision of several thousand historical and recent collections, to allow reliable identification of most specimens especially from tropical regions. Expand
An Amazon-Scale Drainage System in the Early Pennsylvanian of Central North America
This study compares Morrowan conglomeratic sandstones from three basins in the central North American craton: Central Appalachian Basin (eastern Kentucky), Eastern Interior Basin (Illinois, Indiana,Expand
Calculating lunar retreat rates using tidal rhythmites
ABSTRACT Tidal rhythmites are small-scale sedimentary structures that can preserve a hierarchy of astronomically induced tidal periods. They can also preserve a record of periodic nontidalExpand
The Lichen Family Graphidaceae in Australia
Reliability of lunar orbital periods extracted from ancient cyclic tidal rhythmites
Abstract Ancient tidal periods extracted from the geologic record are useful to constrain and calibrate theoretical models of the evolution of the earth-moon system. Analysis of rocks that containExpand
Middle Jurassic (Bajocian and Bathonian) Dinosaur Megatracksites, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming, U.S.A
Abstract Two previously unknown rare Middle Jurassic dinosaur megatracksites are reported from the Bighorn Basin of northern Wyoming in the Western Interior of the United States. These trace fossilsExpand
The role of climate in stratigraphic patterns exhibited by late Palaeozoic rocks exposed in Kansas
Abstract Late Palaeozoic “cyclothems” of the midcontinental U.S. cannot be represented by a single ideal facies sequence. Rather, they encompass a wide range of cycle types depending on theirExpand
Tides, tidalites, and secular changes in the Earth–Moon system
Abstract Tides have been a source of inquiry since the dawn of human civilization. It has been known for millennia that the Moon is a causative agent in the formation of tides, with the observationExpand
The late Namurian Hindostan Whetstone beds are among the oldest Pennsylvanian strata recognized in the Illinois Basin. Trace-fossil holotypes of Haplotichnus indianensis, Plang- tichnus erraticus,Expand
The lichen genus Pertusaria in Australia