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International Law, Museums and the Return of Cultural Objects
Introduction 1. The state and national culture in the early nineteenth century 2. International law, international exhibitions in the late nineteenth century 3. Dismantling empires and post-World WarExpand
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Reparations for Cultural Loss
Destruction, damage and dispossession of culture and heritage loom large in actions pursued by indigenous peoples at the international, regional and domestic levels. This chapter considers how theExpand
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Women and Private Military and Security Companies
Lack of clarity about the application of international law norms and inadequacies of existing regulatory regimes covering private military and security companies have reinforced concerns aboutExpand
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Cultural Heritage in Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
The exceptionalism originally afforded cultural heritage in international humanitarian law arose from its perceived significance to humanity through its advancement of the arts and sciences, andExpand
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The effect of temperature increase on microbial carbon fluxes in the Adriatic Sea: an experimental approach.
An assessment of the temperature increase effect on processes within the microbial food web provides a better insight into the carbon transfer and energy flow processes in marine environments in theExpand
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International law for common goods : normative perspectives on human rights, culture and nature
Part I - Human Rights 1. The ICJ and Common Goods: The Case of Human Rights - Bruno Simma 2. The Progressive Development of Peoples' Rights in the African Charter and in the Case Law of the AfricanExpand
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Temperature and phosphorus interacts in controlling the picoplankton carbon flux in the Adriatic Sea: an experimental versus field study.
Temperature and phosphorus positively interacted in controlling picoplankton biomass production and its transfer towards higher trophic levels. Two complementary approaches (experimental and fieldExpand
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Human Rights and Culture Heritage in International Law
Regional and international conflicts defined as a so-called ‘clash of civilisations’, civil conflicts from Central and South America, to former Yugoslavia, from the north Africa and the Middle EastExpand
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Self-Determination and Cultural Rights
Self-determination has broadly two components: one relates to participation and the other concerns identity. Until recently, contemporary discourse on self-determination has largely centred on theExpand
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