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Immunochemical studies on mannans of the genusSaccharomyces
Structural and immunochemical studies were carried out on mannans isolated from various species of the genusSaccharomyces. It has been found that mannans ofSaccharomyces cerevisiae, SaccharomycesExpand
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Glycosidases of moulds
Selection of a large number of different strains of hyphal fungi of the genusAspergillus, capable of production of extracellular mannosidase and mannanase type enzymes, was carried out. BeforeExpand
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The genusCandida berkhout
The authors attempted to classify a group of five strains excluded in typing of the speciesCandida albicans (Robin) Berkhout because they displayed a relationship toCandida tropicalis (Cast.)Expand
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The genusCandida berkhout
Candida parapsilosis (Ashford) Langeron et Talice forms a group of strains which is hard to identify and which, according to present diagnostic criteria, may also include a whole series of strains ofExpand
The genusSaccharomyces (Meyen) Reess
The authors submit a taxonomic evaluation of an intermediate group of strains between the speciesSaccharomyces carlsbergensis Hansen andSaccharomyces cerevisiae Hansen. The material consisted ofExpand