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Surface structural changes of naturally aged silicone and EPDM composite insulators
In a long-term outdoor test with high direct and alternating voltages, silicone and ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber composite insulators have, at the beginning, shown a performanceExpand
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Wettability of naturally aged silicon and EPDM composite insulators
The wettability of aged surfaces and of the bulk of naturally aged silicone and EPDM (ethylene-propylene diener monomer) insulator housings and silicone elastomer insulator coatings was studied. TheExpand
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The Resistance of Sparks
A relation describing the temporal variation of the channel resistance of the sparks was derived, using Spitzer's formula for the resistivity of a fully and singly ionized plasma, on the assumptionExpand
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Outdoor polymeric insulators long-term exposed to HVDC
Field experience from outdoor polymeric insulators exposed to HVDC under natural contamination conditions is presented. This paper summarizes the peak leakage current statistics, the hydrophobicityExpand
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Natural ageing of EPDM composite insulators
Long-rod composite insulators, with weather sheds (sheds) made of ethylene-propylene rubbers (EPDM), were exposed for many years to HVAC (high-voltage alternating-current) and HVDC (high-voltageExpand
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Outdoor leakage current monitoring of silicone composite insulators in coastal service conditions
The behavior of the polymeric insulators under salt-storm conditions is crucial for their design. In this paper the leakage currents monitored on silicone composite insulators during two severeExpand
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Generalised breakdown models and the integration method for predicting non-standard waveshape impulse strengths
A description is given of two generalized models of impulse breakdown, which provide a theoretical basis for the integration method. The first is a physical approach, in which the breakdown criterionExpand
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Performance and ageing of polymeric insulators
Long-term field experiences of ageing and performance of polymeric silicone rubber (SIR) and ethylene-propylene-diene monomer (EPDM) insulators under natural contamination conditions in an outdoorExpand
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Experience from insulators with RTV silicon rubber sheds and shed coatings
Long-rod composite insulators, having weather sheds made of room-temperature vulcanizing silicon rubber compounds (RTV) were exposed for many years to HVAC (high-voltage AC) and HVDC (high-voltageExpand
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Dwell times of thin exploding wires
Equations describing the dependence of the dwell times on the applied voltage of thin exploding wires whose restrikes are initiated at the exterior or the interior of the exploded wire are derived,Expand
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