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Residential mobility across the life course: Continuity and change across three cohorts in Britain
Abstract Although a buoyant literature has emerged examining residential mobility across sections of the life course, a full life course perspective has remained lacking. This paper exploits an asExpand
The demographic characteristics and economic activity patterns of carers over 50: evidence from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing
Studies on informal care provision have often focused on the provision of care for persons with a long term physical or mental ill-health or disability, or problems related to old age. However, theExpand
Measuring unmet need for social care amongst older people
Recent spending cuts in the area of adult social care raise policy concerns about the proportion of older people whose need for social care is not being met. Such concerns are emphasised in theExpand
Marital status, health and mortality
Marital status and living arrangements, along with changes in these in mid-life and older ages, have implications for an individual's health and mortality. Literature on health and mortality byExpand
Linked lives: The utility of an agent-based approach to modeling partnership and household formation in the context of social care
The UK's population is aging, which presents a challenge as older people are the primary users of health and social care services. Expand
The determinants of receiving social care in later life in England
ABSTRACT Demographic change and policy changes in social care provision can affect the type of social care support received by older people, whether through informal, formal state or formal paid-forExpand
Women's economic activity trajectories over the life course: implications for the self-rated health of women aged 64+ in England
Background Previous research has highlighted the importance of accumulated life-course labour market status and the balancing of multiple roles for understanding inequalities in health in later life.Expand
The relationship between women’s work histories and incomes in later life in the UK, US and West Germany
Using data from several large-scale longitudinal surveys, this article investigates the relationship between the work histories and personal incomes (from both public and private sources) of olderExpand
Social trust, interpersonal trust and self-rated health in China: a multi-level study
BackgroundTrust is important for health at both the individual and societal level. Previous research using Western concepts of trust has shown that a high level of trust in society can positivelyExpand
Financial inequality and gender in older people.
Gender inequalities in the financial resources in later life result from the combined effect of women's atypical life courses, which include interrupted employment records and periods of careExpand