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Microbial and diagenetic steps leading to the mineralisation of Great Salt Lake microbialites
Microbialites are widespread in modern and fossil hypersaline environments, where they provide a unique sedimentary archive. Authigenic mineral precipitation in modern microbialites results from aExpand
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Depositional age, provenance, and tectonic and paleoclimatic settings of the late mesoproterozoic-middle neoproterozoic mbuji-mayi supergroup, democratic republic of congo
Abstract The late Mesoproterozoic–middle Neoproterozoic period (ca. 1300 Ma–800 Ma) heralded extraordinary climatic and biological changes related to the tectonic changes that resulted in theExpand
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Composition, structure and evolution of a lacustrine carbonate margin dominated by microbialites: Case study from the Green River formation (Eocene; Wyoming, USA)
Abstract During mid Eocene times, the northwestern margin of the Gosiute Lake (Wyoming) has been characterised by the extensive development of a microbialite dominated carbonate sequenceExpand
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Paleoenvironments in Meso-Neoproterozoic carbonates of the Mbuji-Mayi Supergroup (Democratic Republic of Congo) - Microfacies analysis combined with C-O-Sr isotopes, major-trace elements and REE+Y
Abstract The Meso- and Neoproterozoic Mbuji-Mayi Supergroup (1155 Ma to ca. 800 Ma) was deposited in the SE–NW trending siliciclastic-carbonate failed-rift in the Sankuru-Mbuji-Mayi-Lomami-LovoyExpand
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Nouvelles espèces de dasycladales du crétacé inférieur de provence (S.E. France)
Resume Dans le Cretace inferieur de Provence Cylindroporella faronensis n. sp. et Cylindroporella massiliana n. sp. sont des especes de petite taille et a petit nombre de ramifications. La premiereExpand
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Formation of stromatolite lamina at the interface of oxygenic–anoxygenic photosynthesis
In modern stromatolites, mineralization results from a complex interplay between microbial metabolisms, the organic matrix, and environmental parameters. Here, we combined biogeochemical,Expand
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Formation of magnesium‐smectite during lacustrine carbonates early diagenesis: Study case of the volcanic crater lake Dziani Dzaha (Mayotte – Indian Ocean)
The volcanic crater lake of Dziani Dzaha in Mayotte is studied to constrain the geochemical settings and the diagenetic processes at the origin of Mg‐phyllosilicates associated with carbonate rocks.Expand
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Continental Carbonates Reservoirs: The Importance of Analogues to Understand Presalt Discoveries
Recent discoveries offshore Brazil have induced a renewal of interest in the study of recent and ancient continental carbonate systems which developed in a wide range of depositional settings,Expand
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Des calpionelles dans l'Hauterivien supérieur. Découverte exceptionnelle à Busot (Alicante, Espagne)
Neocomian strata in Busot (Alicante, Spain) contain an association of both Calpionellids and Late Hauterivian ammonite fauna. This find gives new evidence for the survival of the Calpionellid group,Expand
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