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Cost-Benefit Analysis: Concepts and Practice
Part I: Overview 1. Introduction to Cost-Benefit Analysis 2. Conceptual Foundations of Cost-Benefit Analysis Part II: Fundamentals of Cost-Benefit Analysis 3. Basic Microeconomic Foundations ofExpand
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Ownership and Performance in Competitive Environments: A Comparison of the Performance of Private, Mixed, and State-Owned Enterprises
THE property rights theory of the firm suggests that public enterprises should perform less efficiently and less profitably than private enterprises. However, the existing empirical evidence actuallyExpand
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“Just give me a number!” Practical values for the social discount rate
A major reason the quality of cost-benefit analysis (CBA) varies widely is inconsistent use of the social discount rate (SDR). This article offers guidance about the choice of the SDR. Namely, weExpand
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Policy analysis : concepts and practice
I. INTRODUCTION TO PUBLIC POLICY ANALYSIS. 1. Preview: The Canadian Salmon Fishery. 2. What Is Policy Analysis? 3. Toward Professional Ethics. II. CONCEPTUAL FOUNDATIONS FOR PROBLEM ANALYSIS. 4.Expand
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A conceptual framework for understanding the outsourcing decision
Outsourcing is an increasingly important initiative being pursued by corporations in North America and Europe in pursuit of improved efficiency. This paper provides a conceptual framework to assistExpand
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Ownership versus competition: Efficiency in public enterprise
ConclusionCertainly the introduction of product market competition into potentially competitive or, at least contestable, markets can improve performance. To take just one example, Morrison andExpand
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Policy Analysis: Concepts and Practice, 4th Edition
This book both introduces and explores the hows and whys of the practices of public policy. Expand
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Public—Private Partnerships
This article provides eight rules for government concerning the administration of public—private partnerships (P3s). The basis for these rules draws on transaction cost economics. First, however, theExpand
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Public‐private partnerships in Canada: Theory and evidence
Abstract: This article develops some theory on and examines the implementation and performance of Canadian public-private partnerships (P3s). It focuses primarily on infrastructure projects andExpand
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