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Automatic room detection and reconstruction in cluttered indoor environments with complex room layouts
We present a robust approach for reconstructing the main architectural structure of complex indoor environments given a set of cluttered 3D input range scans. Our method uses an efficientExpand
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Robust Reconstruction of Interior Building Structures with Multiple Rooms under Clutter and Occlusions
We present a robust approach for reconstructing the architectural structure of complex indoor environments given a set of cluttered input scans. Our method first uses an efficient occlusion-awareExpand
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Practical Line Rasterization for Multi-resolution Textures
Draping 2D vectorial information over a 3D terrain elevation model is usually performed by real-time rendering to texture. In the case of linear feature representation, there are several specificExpand
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Reconstructing Complex Indoor Environments with Arbitrary Wall Orientations
Reconstructing the architectural shape of interiors is a problem that is gaining increasing attention in the field of computer graphics. Some solutions have been proposed in recent years, butExpand
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ExploreMaps: Efficient construction and ubiquitous exploration of panoramic view graphs of complex 3D environments
We introduce a novel efficient technique for automatically transforming a generic renderable 3D scene into a simple graph representation named ExploreMaps, where nodes are nicely placed point ofExpand
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IsoCam: Interactive Visual Exploration of Massive Cultural Heritage Models on Large Projection Setups
We introduce a novel user interface and system for exploring extremely detailed 3D models in a museum setting. Three-dimensional models and associated information are presented on a large projectionExpand
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SSVDAGs: symmetry-aware sparse voxel DAGs
Voxelized representations of complex 3D scenes are widely used nowadays to accelerate visibility queries in many GPU rendering techniques. Since GPU memory is limited, it is important that these dataExpand
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CHC+RT: Coherent Hierarchical Culling for Ray Tracing
We propose a new technique for in‐core and out‐of‐core GPU ray tracing using a generalization of hierarchical occlusion culling in the style of the CHC++ method. Our method exploits the rasterizationExpand
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Mont’e Scan: Effective Shape and Color Digitization of Cluttered 3D Artworks
We propose an approach for improving the digitization of shape and color of 3D artworks in a cluttered environment using 3D laser scanning and flash photography. To separate clutter from acquiredExpand
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Epigenetic inactivation of the splicing RNA-binding protein CELF2 in human breast cancer
Human tumors show altered patterns of protein isoforms that can be related to the dysregulation of messenger RNA alternative splicing also observed in transformed cells. Although somatic mutations inExpand
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