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Coseasonal sublingual immunotherapy reduces the development of asthma in children with allergic rhinoconjunctivitis.
BACKGROUND We wondered whether short-term coseasonal sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) can reduce the development of asthma in children with hay fever in an open randomized study. OBJECTIVE We soughtExpand
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Anaphylaxis in Children: Clinical and Allergologic Features
Background. Despite the importance of anaphylaxis, little information is available on its clinical features. Objective. To evaluate the clinical and allergologic features of anaphylaxis in childrenExpand
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Efficacy and safety of cyclosporine eyedrops in vernal keratoconjunctivitis.
BACKGROUND Corticosteroids have been the only effective topically administered treatment for severe vernal keratoconjunctivitis (VKC), but their prolonged use is often associated with complications.Expand
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Mother to child transmission of hepatitis C virus: prospective study of risk factors and timing of infection in children born to women seronegative for HIV-1
Abstract Objective: To determine the risk factors for and timing of vertical transmission of hepatitis C virus in women who are not infected with HIV-1. Design: Follow up for a median of 28 (rangeExpand
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Clinical features of acute anaphylaxis in patients admitted to a university hospital: an 11-year retrospective review (1985-1996).
BACKGROUND Although anaphylaxis is considered a life-threatening event, there is a lack of information on the clinical characteristics at presentation, both in adults and in children. OBJECTIVE ToExpand
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Natural history of “intrinsic” atopic dermatitis
. IT is well known that allergy plays a pathogenic role in the development of atopic dermatitis (AD) (1). However, approximately 20% of AD patients suffer from a skin disease that clinicallyExpand
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Prevalence of and risk factors for latex sensitization in patients with spina bifida.
PURPOSE We determined the prevalence of and risk factors for latex sensitization in patients with spina bifida. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 59 consecutive subjects 2 to 40 years old with spinaExpand
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Reference values of interrupter respiratory resistance in healthy preschool white children
BACKGROUND Interrupter respiratory resistance (Rint) is reported to be useful in evaluating lung function in poorly collaborating patients. However, no reference values are available from largeExpand
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Anaphylaxis: a 7-year follow-up survey of 46 children.
BACKGROUND Little is known about the frequency of and the features associated with recurrent anaphylaxis in pediatric populations. During 1994 to 1996, we enrolled 76 children affected by anaphylaxisExpand
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Long Eyelashes in a Case Series of 93 Children With Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis
Objective. Vernal keratoconjunctivitis (VKC) is a chronic conjunctivitis that affects children mainly in temperate areas, with exacerbations in spring and summer. Eyelashes provide natural protectionExpand
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