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Case Fatality Rate of Cancer Patients with COVID-19 in a New York Hospital System
Patients with cancer in a New York hospital system were much more vulnerable to COVID-19 death than the general population, with a case fatality rate that varied by cancer type and was 28% overall.
Overexpression of tissue transglutaminase leads to constitutive activation of nuclear factor-kappaB in cancer cells: delineation of a novel pathway.
TG2 induces constitutive activation of NF-kappaB in tumor cells via a novel pathway that is most likely independent of I kappaB alpha kinase, therefore, TG2 may be an attractive alternate target for inhibiting constitutive NF-KappaB activation and rendering cancer cells sensitive to anticancer therapies.
Eltrombopag inhibits the proliferation of leukemia cells via reduction of intracellular iron and induction of differentiation.
It is found that treatment with EP leads to a reduction in free intracellular iron in leukemic cells in a dose-dependent manner, and determination of EP's antileukemic activity in vivo demonstrated its ability to prolong survival in 2 mouse models of leukemia.
Stem and progenitor cells in myelodysplastic syndromes show aberrant stage-specific expansion and harbor genetic and epigenetic alterations.
It is demonstrated that stem and progenitor cells in MDS are characterized by stage-specific expansions and contain epigenetic and genetic alterations.
Increased expression of tissue transglutaminase in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma and its implications in drug resistance and metastasis.
Results show for the first time that elevated expression of TG2 can induce constitutive activation of FAK and thus may contribute to the development of drug resistance and invasive phenotypes in PDAC.
Protein kinase C-delta (PKC-delta ) is activated by type I interferons and mediates phosphorylation of Stat1 on serine 727.
Findings indicate that PKC-delta functions as a serine kinase for Stat1 and an upstream regulator of the p38 MAP kinase and plays an important role in the induction of Type I IFN-biological responses.
Mechanism of action of lenalidomide in hematological malignancies
Lenalidomide is a 4-amino-glutamyl analogue of thalidomides that lacks the neurologic side effects of sedation and neuropathy and has emerged as a drug with activity against various hematological and solid malignancies.
Cytosine methylation changes in enhancer regions of core pro-fibrotic genes characterize kidney fibrosis development
It is demonstrated that genome-wide cytosine methylation patterns of healthy and chronic kidney disease tubule samples obtained from patients show significant differences, raising the possibility that epigenetic dysregulation plays a role in chronic kidneys disease development via influencing core pro-fibrotic pathways and can aid the development of novel biomarkers and future therapeutics.
Retinoic acid signaling pathways in development and diseases.