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Proactive environmental strategies: a stakeholder management perspective
This paper includes an empirical analysis of the linkages between environmental strategy and stakeholder management. First, it is shown that several simultaneous improvements in various resourceExpand
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A perspective on regional and global strategies of multinational enterprises
Multinational enterprises (MNEs) are the key drivers of globalization, as they foster increased economic interdependence among national markets. The ultimate test to assess whether these MNEs areExpand
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Subsidiary‐specific advantages in multinational enterprises
This paper discusses the internal patterns of competence building in the multinational enterprise (MNE), with a focus on the creation of capabilities in its foreign subsidiaries. We present a newExpand
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Edith Penrose's contribution to the resource-based view of strategic management
Edith Penrose's (1959) book, The Theory of the Growth of the Firm, is considered by many scholars in the strategy field to be the seminal work that provided the intellectual foundations for theExpand
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Extending the theory of the multinational enterprise: internalization and strategic management perspectives
This paper assesses the continued relevance of Buckley and Casson's (1976) book on The Future of the Multinational Enterprise (MNE), against a background of increasing criticism ofExpand
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Liabilities of regional foreignness and the use of firm-level versus country-level data: a response to Dunning et al. (2007)
We are pleased that Dunning et al. have provided macro (country) level data demonstrating the increased internationalization of many nations over the past decade. We also appreciate their findingsExpand
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Fifty Years of International Business Theory and Beyond
As the field of international business has matured, there have been shifts in the core unit of analysis. First, there was analysis at country level, using national statistics on trade and foreignExpand
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Corporate strategies and environmental regulations: an organizing framework
An emerging subfield of strategic management is that dealing with the natural environment as it affects corporate strategy. To analyze this we organize the literature on environmental regulations andExpand
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A Note on the Transnational Solution and the Transaction Cost Theory of Multinational Strategic Management
This article assesses the extent to which the results of Bartlett and Ghoshal's [1989] work can be incorporated in what has now become one of the core explanations of multinational strategicExpand
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Towards a Theory of Regional Multinationals: A Transaction Cost Economics Approach
This paper develops new theory to help explain the recent empirical work that demonstrates the profound lack of global sales, with 320 of the 380 largest firms in the world averaging 80% of theirExpand
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