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α‐ Adrenoceptor activity of flutonidine (ST 600) in rat anococcygeus muscle and rabbit jejunum
is increased (lCF M) to give between 75-90% of the maximum tone, the sensitivity of the trachea to isoprenaline is significantly reduced and the ability of dimaprit to induce relaxation is virtuallyExpand
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Pharmacological nature of newer imidazoli(di)nes on rat anococcygeus muscle.
The Pharmacological nature of newer imidazoli(di)nes (clonidine analogs) on rat anococcygeus muscle (RA) was investigated. Clonidine analogs produced dose-dependent (1 X 10(-3) to 1 X 10(-5) M)Expand
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Studies on diuretic effect of ST-93: A clonidine analog
ST-93 induced significant diuresis in rats. Dose-dependent effects were observed in urine volume and electrolyte excretion. Dose-related natriuretic and chloruretic activities were noticed. PrazosinExpand
Protective effect of ST-93 against ouabain induced arrhythmias in guinea pigs.
ST-93, a clonidine analog was studied for its antiarrhythmic activity in anaesthetised guinea pigs against ouabain induced arrhythmia. The amount of ouabain required (micrograms/kg) for theExpand
Investigations into the positive inotropic effect of ST 600 [2-(5-fluoro-O-toluidine)-2-imidazoline hydrochloride] on isolated hearts
. ST 600 [2-(5 fluoro-O-toluidine)-2 imidazoline hydrochloride] in doses 2.5 to 40 'g injected into the isolated perfused guineapig heart caused an increase in contractile force. The effects of STExpand