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Deep Face Recognition
The goal of this paper is face recognition – from either a single photograph or from a set of faces tracked in a video. Recent progress in this area has been due to two factors: (i) end to endExpand
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Return of the Devil in the Details: Delving Deep into Convolutional Nets
The latest generation of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) have achieved impressive results in challenging benchmarks on image recognition and object detection, significantly raising the interestExpand
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Fully-Convolutional Siamese Networks for Object Tracking
The problem of arbitrary object tracking has traditionally been tackled by learning a model of the object’s appearance exclusively online, using as sole training data the video itself. Despite theExpand
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Deep Inside Convolutional Networks: Visualising Image Classification Models and Saliency Maps
This paper addresses the visualisation of image classification models, learnt using deep Convolutional Networks (ConvNets). We consider two visualisation techniques, based on computing the gradientExpand
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MatConvNet: Convolutional Neural Networks for MATLAB
MatConvNet is an open source implementation of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) with a deep integration in the MATLAB environment. The toolbox is designed with an emphasis on simplicity andExpand
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Vlfeat: an open and portable library of computer vision algorithms
VLFeat is an open and portable library of computer vision algorithms. It aims at facilitating fast prototyping and reproducible research for computer vision scientists and students. It includesExpand
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End-to-End Representation Learning for Correlation Filter Based Tracking
The Correlation Filter is an algorithm that trains a linear template to discriminate between images and their translations. It is well suited to object tracking because its formulation in the FourierExpand
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The Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results
The Visual Object Tracking challenge VOT2016 aims at comparing short-term single-object visual trackers that do not apply pre-learned models of object appearance. Results of 70 trackers areExpand
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Deep Image Prior
Deep convolutional networks have become a popular tool for image generation and restoration. Generally, their excellent performance is imputed to their ability to learn realistic image priors from aExpand
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Synthetic Data for Text Localisation in Natural Images
In this paper we introduce a new method for text detection in natural images. The method comprises two contributions: First, a fast and scalable engine to generate synthetic images of text inExpand
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