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Distribution of Human Virus Contamination in Shellfish from Different Growing Areas in Greece, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom
ABSTRACT Viral pollution in shellfish has been analyzed simultaneously across a wide range of geographical regions, with emphasis on the concomitant variations in physicochemical characteristics andExpand
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Virus hazards from food, water and other contaminated environments
Abstract Numerous viruses of human or animal origin can spread in the environment and infect people via water and food, mostly through ingestion and occasionally through skin contact. These virusesExpand
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Harmonised Investigation of the Occurrence of Human Enteric Viruses in the Leafy Green Vegetable Supply Chain in Three European Countries
Numerous outbreaks have been attributed to the consumption of raw or minimally processed leafy green vegetables contaminated with enteric viral pathogens. The aim of the present study was anExpand
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Ultraviolet light and ultrasound as non-thermal treatments for the inactivation of microorganisms in fresh ready-to-eat foods.
The effects of two non thermal disinfection processes, Ultraviolet light (UV 254 nm) and Ultrasound (US) on the inactivation of bacteria and color in two freshly cut produces (lettuce and strawberry)Expand
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Microbiological evaluation of bottled non-carbonated ("still") water from domestic brands in Greece.
The microbiological quality of 1,527 samples of bottled non-carbonated ('still') mineral water, purchased from retail outlets and derived from 10 manufacturing companies in Greece, was investigatedExpand
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Shellfish-Borne Viral Outbreaks: A Systematic Review
Investigations of disease outbreaks linked to shellfish consumption have been reported in the scientific literature; however, only few countries systematically collate and report such data through aExpand
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Cytogenetic study in cultured human lymphocytes treated with three commonly used preservatives.
Potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate and potassium nitrate have been tested for their genotoxic, cytostatic and cytotoxic potential in human peripheral blood cells in vitro. Potassium nitrate has shownExpand
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Occurrence of Human Enteric Viruses in Commercial Mussels at Retail Level in Three European Countries
In this study, the prevalence of different enteric viruses in commercial mussels was evaluated at the retail level in three European countries (Finland, Greece and Spain). A total of 153 musselExpand
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Evaluation of Potential Indicators of Viral Contamination in Shellfish and Their Applicability to Diverse Geographical Areas
ABSTRACT The distribution of the concentration of potential indicators of fecal viral pollution in shellfish was analyzed under diverse conditions over 18 months in diverse geographical areas. TheseExpand
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Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) for the Detection of Salmonella in Food
Salmonella infection represents a considerable global burden, with significant health and economic impacts. Salmonellosis is most often attributed to the consumption of contaminated foods such asExpand
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