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New national and regional bryophyte records
Marion Island: (1) stream at the eastern foot of Repetto’s Hill, 46° 50 9 400 S, 37° 459 05 0 E, 100–180 m alt., on bare moist soil on denuded slopes, forming extensive almost monospecific patches,Expand
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Introduction to Bryophytes
Bryophytes were a pivotal step in land plant evolution, and their significance in the regulation of ecosystems and the conservation of biodiversity is becoming increasingly acknowledged. ThisExpand
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Variations of aquatic bryophyte assemblages in the Rhine Rift related to water quality. 2. The waterfalls of the Vosges and the Black Forest
Abstract The relationships between water quality and aquatic bryophyte assemblages were investigated in sixteen waterfalls in the Vosges Mountains and in the Black Forest. Species such as MarsupellaExpand
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Platyhypnidium mutatum, a mysterious new moss from Germany
Abstract Platyhypnidium mutatum Ochyra & Vanderpoorten (Brachytheciaceae) is described and illustrated as a new moss species. It is known from a single locality in a waterfall at Allerheiligen in theExpand
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A comparitive study of the hydrophyte flora from the Alpine Rhine to the Middle Rhine. Application to the conservation of the Upper Rhine aquatic ecosystems
Abstract A typology of the main channel of the river Rhine according to its aquatic bryophyte and vascular hydrophyte assemblages is presented. The aquatic bryophytes are especially abundant in theExpand
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The effects of environmental variation on bryophytes at a regional scale
The distribution of bryophytes in central Belgium was investigated using species grid-mapping superimposed on a series of maps which included information on soil conditions and land use. OurExpand
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The Syntrichia ruralis complex in Belgium
Abstract A revision of the Syntrichia ruralis complex in Belgium was undertaken. Four taxa: S ruralis, S. ruralis var. arenicola, S. intermedia and S. intermedia var. calva , are recognized.Expand
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A checklist of the bryophytes of Corsica (France): new records and a review of the literature
Abstract Based on a thorough review of the literature as well as floristic surveys undertaken over 20 years, a checklist of the bryophytes of Corsica, a mountainous western Mediterranean island, isExpand
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