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Association of human herpesvirus 6 infection with drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms.
BACKGROUND There is a current debate regarding the association of human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) infection and drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms (DRESS). METHODS Seven consecutiveExpand
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Dynamics of aeolian sand ripples
Abstract:We analyze theoretically the dynamics of aeolian sand ripples. In order to put the study in the context, we first review existing models. This paper is a continuation of two previous papersExpand
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Laboratory studies of aeolian sediment transport processes on planetary surfaces
Abstract We review selected experimental saltation studies performed in laboratory wind tunnels and collision experiments performed in (splash-) laboratory facilities that allow detailed observationsExpand
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Collision process of a bead on a two-dimensional bead packing: Importance of the inter-granular contacts
The collision of an impacting bead on a 2D bead packing is experimentally investigated. It is found that the energy dissipated in the collision is strongly dependent on the density of inter-granularExpand
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A class of nonlinear front evolution equations derived from geometry and conservation
Abstract Based on geometry, conservation, and scaling arguments we derive a class of nonlinear front evolution equations that govern various physical systems. We exemplify the analysis on someExpand
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Aeolian Sand Transport in Out‐of‐Equilibrium Regimes
We investigate the relaxation process toward the equilibrium regime of saltation transport in the context of nonuniform conditions. Relaxation phenomena can be described in terms of a characteristicExpand
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Icodextrin cutaneous hypersensitivity: report of 3 psoriasiform cases.
BACKGROUND Icodextrin is proposed as a new osmotic agent for use in peritoneal dialysis. Because of its recent use, adverse reactions are not well known. Cutaneous adverse effects have beenExpand
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Aeolian sand transport: Length and height distributions of saltation trajectories
We report wind-tunnel measurements on aeolian sand transport aiming at characterizing the distribution of the length and height of trajectories of the saltating particles. We employ a simpleExpand
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Two- and three-dimensional confined granular chute flows : experimental and numerical results
We present experimental and numerical results on 2D and 3D confined granular chute flows. We address the issue of the role of the lateral boundaries. In particular, we find that the presence of flatExpand
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Adhesion-induced vesicle propulsion
We study theoretically vesicle locomotion. We show how adhesion may lead to vesicle propulsion. The problem is fully solved numerically and an analytical solution is obtained in a perturbativeExpand
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