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Identification, characterisation, and chromosome locations of rye and wheat specific ISSR and SCAR markers useful for breeding purposes
Rye (Secale cereale L. and S. strictum) offers potential to increase the genetic variability and to introduce desirable characters for wheat improvements. Cytogenetic techniques have been used toExpand
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Hematuria screening for bladder cancer.
Detection of bladder cancer before deep invasion occurs offers patients a favorable prognosis. Because most bladder cancers, even when noninvasive, produce hematuria, screening asymptomatic personsExpand
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Home screening for hematuria: results of a multiclinic study.
The majority of urinary tract tumors cause bleeding in the urine. A program designed to detect hematuria before it is grossly apparent may contribute to earlier detection and more successfulExpand
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Hematuria home screening: repeat testing results.
To determine at what interval screening should be repeated to detect bladder cancer before it becomes muscle invasive 856 men who had 14 negative daily home tests for hematuria with a chemicalExpand
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Age as a predictor of an aggressive clinical course for superficial bladder cancer in men
Tumor grade and stage are two of the strongest predictors for indolent versus aggressive clinical course in bladder cancer. To identify age‐related trends in tumor aggressiveness the authorsExpand
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Vision for a global registry of anticipated public health studies.
In public health, the generation, management, and transfer of knowledge all need major improvement. Problems in generating knowledge include an imbalance in research funding, publication bias,Expand
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Generated glyphs as memorable desktop icons for document
In this paper, we describe a possible exploratory research of the transfer of glyph images from information visualization software to virtual desktops. The goal is to find a way to offer usersExpand
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