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Comparison of oral psoralen-UV-A with a portable tanning unit at home vs hospital-administered bath psoralen-UV-A in patients with chronic hand eczema: an open-label randomized controlled trial of
Oral PUVA at home has a clinically relevant efficacy, similar to that of hospital-administered bath PUVA, which resulted in lower travel costs and less time off work. Expand
Overview of studies of treatments for hand eczema—the EDEN hand eczema survey
A large number of interventions ranging from topical steroids to oral ciclosporin are used, but their evidence base and the best methods to assess their efficacy are uncertain. Expand
Assessment of severity of hand eczema: discrepancies between patient‐ and physician‐rated scores
This paper focuses on the part of eczema where the patient‐rated severity score corresponds more with the (change in) burden of disease than with the physician's severity score. Expand
Contact allergens in shoe leather among patients with foot eczema
From analysis of the pattern of positive patch tests it was concluded that leather‐related allergens (e.g. tanning agent) and dyes were present in hypoallergenic shoe leather. Expand
[Spontaneous blood blister formation swellings of the oral mucosa].
An 88 year-old man was hospitalized because of bullous pemphigoid of the skin with detectable autoantibodies against type XVII collagen, and a thorough blood examination showed acquired haemophilia A, related to the development of autoantIBodies against factor VIII. Expand