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Uncertainty calculations in the certification of reference materials 3. Stability study
To serve as a measurement standard, a (certified) reference material must be stable. For this purpose, the material should undergo stability testing after it has been prepared. This paper looks atExpand
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New definitions on reference materials
The new definitions for reference material and certified reference material as approved by ISO REMCO are provided and further explained.
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Revision of the ?Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement?
The Joint Committee for Guides in Metrology, Working Group 1, JCGM-WG1, is currently revising the 'Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement'. In this communication, the motivation forExpand
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International comparison CCQM-K82: methane in air at ambient level (1800 to 2200) nmol/mol
The CCQM-K82 comparison was designed to evaluate the degrees of equivalence of NMI capabilities for methane in air primary reference mixtures in the range (1800 to 2200) nmol/mol. The balance gas forExpand
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Fabrication and characterization of p-type silicon field-emitter arrays for lithography
p-doped silicon field emitters were studied experimentally to assess their usefulness in multibeam electron lithography. Both individual emitters and emitter arrays were fabricated from singleExpand
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Measurement uncertainty and doping control in sport. Part 2: Metrological traceability aspects
The assessment of (non-)compliance in doping control and in particular the appreciation of uncertainty of measurement in such an assessment has become a subject of debate. In a previous paper, theExpand
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Bayesian analysis of homogeneity studies in the production of reference materials
For almost two decades, the batch homogeneity in the production of reference materials has been evaluated using analysis of variance (ANOVA) to determine the between-bottle standard deviation. ThisExpand
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Uncertainty calculations in the certification of reference materials. 1. Principles of analysis of variance
The preparation and certification of reference materials is a rapidly developing area. Many innovative reference materials have limited homogeneity and stability, and, additionally, the uncertaintyExpand
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Sampling of gaseous sulfur-containing compounds at low concentrations with a review of best-practice methods for biogas and natural gas applications
Abstract The accurate quantification of low-concentration sulfur-containing compounds is essential for the biogas and natural gas industries. We review literature data for the stability of theseExpand
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Reduced brightness of the ZrO/W Schottky electron emitter
The reduced brightness for a 〈100〉 ZrO/W Schottky electron emitter with a tip radius of 0.8 μm has been measured. The maximum reduced brightness measured was 2×108 A/(m2 sr V). The measurements ofExpand
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