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Morphofunctional remodelling of the osmoregulatory system in starred sturgeon Acipenser stellatus (Acipenseridae) during transition from hyperosmotic to hypoosmotic regulation
Morphological changes in the complex of functionally linked organs responsible for maintaining the osmotic homeostasis in immature euryhaline acipenserid species—starred sturgeon AcipenserExpand
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Differences in Protein Peroxidation in Pregnant Rats Selected by Nervous System Excitability Threshold
Differences in the intensity of serum protein peroxidation were detected in pregnant rats with high and low peripheral nervous system excitability threshold in stress. Stress induced shifts in serumExpand
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The Use of HSP70 for Prevention of Consequences of Unavoidable Stress in Rats
We studied whether intranasal treatment with HSP70 can be used for the correction of maladaptive behavior in rats after unavoidable stress. After 3 intranasal injection of HSP70 in a dose of 3.25 μgExpand
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Oxidative Modification of Proteins in Brain Structures in Sprague–Dawley Rats and Some Behavioral Parameters after Prenatal Stress
The effects of late prenatal stress on free-radical oxidation of proteins in Sprague–Dawley rats were studied in the cerebral cortex, striatum, hippocampus, and hypothalamus, along with changes inExpand
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Effects of Prenatal Stress on Free-Radical Lipid and Protein Oxidation and Superoxide Dismutase Activity in Cerebral Cortex Neurons and Neuroglia in the Rat Brain
The processes of free-radical oxidation of proteins and lipids and superoxide dismutase activity were studied in neurons and neuroglia of the cerebral cortex in rats during ontogenesis and afterExpand
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The effect of prenatal stress on oxidative protein modification in the rat brain in ontogeny
Oxidative protein modification (OPM) was studied in the striatum, hippocampus, and hypothalamus of rats of various ages that were subjected to prenatal stress. The basal level of spontaneous OPMExpand
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Oxidative modification of proteins and content of reduced thiols in blood in physiological pregnancy
We studied the level of oxidative modification of proteins and the state of the antioxidant system in 17 healthy pregnant and 33 healthy nonpregnant women. Absence of any reliable differences in theExpand
Protein Peroxidation in the Plasma of Prenatally Stressed Rats
We studied the effect of prenatal stress on protein peroxidation in the plasma of rats during postnatal ontogeny. Oxidative destruction of proteins in prenatally stressed rats differed from that inExpand
Serum Protein Peroxidation in Rats Selected by the Rate of Active Avoidance Conditioning under Normal Conditions and during Stress
Serum protein peroxidation was studied in rats with different strategy of adaptive behavior at rest and during short-term immobilization stress. Oxidative destruction of serum proteins was lessExpand