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Detailed Differentiation of Bacteria by Means of A Mixture of Acid and Basic Dyes at Different pH-Values
As previously reported by the author (1927), a mixture of methylene blue and eosin Y can be used for the differential staining of bacteria. It gives a fairly deep staining of bacteria at about pH 3Expand
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The Effect of Preliminary Treatment (Fixing Fluids) on Staining Properties of the Tissues
As was reported in a previous paper,1 staining properties depend on the chemical composition of the tissues and on the strength of the dyes themselves. Applying mixtures of basic and acid dye onExpand
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Whooping cough still remains a source of a far from negligible mortality and of a great morbidity in childhood. A disease that causes 10,000 deaths in one year in the United States is certainly aExpand
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The physical-chemical approach to the problems of chemotherapy.
  • A. V. Tolstoouhov
  • Chemistry, Physics
  • Transactions of the New York Academy of Sciences
  • 1 May 1952