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Oxidative biotransformation of biotite and glauconite by alkaliphilic anaerobes: The effect of Fe oxidation on the weathering of phyllosilicates
Abstract Two alkaliphilic anaerobic bacteria, namely, the dissimilatory iron-reducer Geoalkalibacter ferrihydriticus and the fermentative hydrolytic Clostridium alkalicellulosi, along with theirExpand
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Reduction of synthetic ferrihydrite by a binary anaerobic culture of Anaerobacillus alkalilacustris and Geoalkalibacter ferrihydriticus grown on mannitol at pH 9.5
In the course of an investigation of alkaliphilic iron reduction, metabiotic interactions in a binary culture reducing synthetic ferrihydrite (SF) have been studied. The binary culture contained twoExpand
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A subsystem for the management of working hours during the operation of automated technology for the processing of information about scientific activities
This paper considers a subsystem for the management of working hours during the operation of automated technology for processing information about the VINITI RAS, the goals and tasks of this subsystem, and the methods of their solution, as well as forms of presentation of the results. Expand
On a Method for Constructing an Ontology of Scientific and Technical Information as a Network of Bibliographic Classifications
This paper describes a method for constructing a network of classifiers that forms a multidimensional representation of the ontology of scientific and technical information, as well as illustrating the effectiveness of automated determination of semantic relationships between classification headings. Expand
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Electronic catalog of the scientific and technical literature: Data model and architecture of software tools
A new version of the VINITI RAS Electronic Catalog of scientific and technical literature is considered that allows selective and navigational searching for a set of interrelated objects in the sphere ofscientific and technical information, such as scientific publications, events, persons, and organizations. Expand