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Goal-Directed Requirements Acquisition
Requirements analysis includes a preliminary acquisition step where a global model for the specification of the system and its environment is elaborated. This model, called requirements model,Expand
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Requirements Engineering - From System Goals to UML Models to Software Specifications
Essential comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals of requirements engineering Requirements engineering (RE) deals with the variety of prerequisites that must be met by a software system within anExpand
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Goal-Oriented Requirements Engineering: A Guided Tour
Goals capture, at different levels of abstraction, the various objectives the system under consideration should achieve. Goal-oriented requirements engineering is concerned with the use of goals forExpand
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Requirements engineering in the year 00: a research perspective
Requirements engineering (RE) is concerned with the identification of the goals to be achieved by the envisioned system, the operationalization of such goals into services and constraints, and theExpand
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Elaborating security requirements by construction of intentional anti-models
  • A. V. Lamsweerde
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings. 26th International Conference on…
  • 23 May 2004
Caring for security at requirements engineering time is a message that has finally received some attention recently. However, it is not yet very clear how to achieve this systematically through theExpand
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Handling Obstacles in Goal-Oriented Requirements Engineering
Requirements engineering is concerned with the elicitation of high-level goals to be achieved by the envisioned system, the refinement of such goals and their operationalization into specificationsExpand
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Managing Conflicts in Goal-Driven Requirements Engineering
A wide range of inconsistencies can arise during requirements engineering as goals and requirements are elicited from multiple stakeholders. Resolving such inconsistencies sooner or later in theExpand
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Formal refinement patterns for goal-driven requirements elaboration
Requirements engineering is concerned with the identification of high-level goals to be achieved by the system envisioned, the refinement of such goals, the operationalization of goals into servicesExpand
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Reasoning about partial goal satisfaction for requirements and design engineering
Exploring alternative options is at the heart of the requirements and design processes. Different alternatives contribute to different degrees of achievement of non-functional goals about systemExpand
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Deriving operational software specifications from system goals
Goal orientation is an increasingly recognized paradigm for eliciting, modeling, specifying and analyzing software requirements. Goals are statements of intent organized in AND/OR refinementExpand
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