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The size and/or configuration of the cycloalkane D′ ring in pentacyclic progesterone derivatives are crucial for their high-affinity binding to a protein in addition to progesterone receptor in rat
[(3)H]labeled progesterone and a number of its 16alpha, 17alpha-cycloalkano derivatives with an additional three to six-membered D' ring were investigated for mutual competition and equilibriumExpand
Relationship between structure and mode of action of 16 alpha, 17 alpha-cycloalkanoprogesterones (pregna-D'-pentaranes).
A new class of modified progesterones with an additional 16 alpha, 17 alpha-carbocycle (pregna-D'-pentaranes) is obtained. These compounds were found to exhibit a high progestational activity in theExpand
3- and 19-Oximes of 16α,17α-cyclohexanoprogesterone derivatives: Synthesis and interactions with progesterone receptor and other proteins
Series of 3- and 19-oximes of 16alpha,17alpha-cyclohexanoprogesterone derivatives (pregna-d'-pentaranes) have been synthesized with the aim of probing the surfaces of progesterone receptor's and twoExpand
Pregna-D′-pentaranes, progestins and antiprogestins: I. Separation of biological functions of steroid hormones
The synthesis, modification, structure, and biological activity in vivo of the 16α,17α- cycloalkanoprogesterone (pregna-D′-pentarane) analogues of progesterone are described. A possibility ofExpand
Pregna-D′-pentaranes, Progestins and Antiprogestins: II. Pathways and Realization Mechanisms of Separate Biological Functions of Steroid Hormones
The manner in which multifunctional steroid hormones realize their separate biological functions in mammal organisms is considered. This study is carried out on the basis of a systematic set ofExpand
Pregna-D'-pentaranes - a new class of active gestagenes.
A new class of modified progesterones with an additional ring in the 16 alpha , 17 alpha-position (pregna-D'-pentaranes) are described. Compounds containing 4- and 6-membered D'-ring (D'4- andExpand
Interactions of 16alpha,17alpha-cyclohexane derivatives of progesterone with the progesterone receptor from rat uterus.
Pregna-D'-pentaranes, 16alpha,17alpha-cyclohexanoprogesterone and 6alpha-methyl-16alpha,17alpha-cyclohexanoprogestero ne, were found to specifically interact with the progesterone receptor of solubleExpand
16α,17α-Cycloalkane Derivatives of Progesterone Intensively Bind to a Rat Serum Protein
The interaction of 6α-methyl-[1,2-3H]16α,17α-cyclohexanoprogesterone with rat serum proteins has been studied. Specific binding of this ligand characterized by Kd = 0.36 ± 0.10 μM and concentrationExpand