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Albula gilberti, a new species of bonefish (Albuliformes: Albulidae) from the eastern Pacific, and a description of adults of the parapatric A. esuncula
A new species of bonefish from the eastern Pacific Ocean, Albula gilberti, is described and the current nomenclature of the subfamily Albulinae is reviewed, discussing the role and justification of using molecular data for diagnosing cryptic species.
Additional morphometric data on Harriotta raleighana (Hollocephali: Rhinoch imaeridae) and description of copulation marks
Datos morfometricos de una hembra de Harriotta raleighana capturada en el Golfo de California respaldan la idea de que la especie -para especimenes dentro de cierto ambito de longitud de cuerpo
The Structure of the Anterior Feeding Apparatus in Members of the Ironidae (Nematoda : Enoplida)
The structure of the adult anterior feeding apparatus of Ironus, Thalassironus, Trissonchulus and Dolicholaimus is described, including hitherto unrecorded structures such as stomodeal pouches,
New records of stomatopod and decapod crustaceans along the Pacific coast of Mexico
Se comunican diez nuevos registros para especies de estomatopodos y crustaceos decapodos, de los cuales nueve corresponden a una extension de los limites de distribucion en la parte continental de
Citharichthys mariajorisae, a new flatfish from the shallow coastal waters of the eastern tropical Pacific (Pleuronectiformes : Paralichthyidae)
CARCERELLI, L. C., AND U. CARAMASCHI. "1992." 1993. Ocorrencia do genero Crossodactylus Dumbril & Bibron, 1841 no nordeste brasileiro, com descriCio de duas esp6cies novas (Amphibia, Anura,
Range extensions of the lophiid anglerfish Lophiodes spilurus and the stingray Urotrygon nana , along the Pacific coast of America
Since 1979, it has been sampling the demersal fishes of the continental platfonn of southem Sinaloa, extending research to the entire Gulf of California from May 1982 onwards, and finding many of them of "Panamic" origin.