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Point-contact spectroscopy in metals
Point contacts between normal metals at low temperatures show very interesting non-linear phenomena in the current-voltage characteristics. The observed deviations from Ohm's law in metallicExpand
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Coating Layer Characterization of Laser Deposited AlSi Coating over Laser Weld Bead
Abstract Corrosion protection of steel components is an important topic in automotive industry. Laser beam welding makes a narrow weld bead, thus minimizing the damage to the original coating on theExpand
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Application of point-contact spectroscopy in metals to the Kondo problem
A general relationship between the characteristic structure in the electrical resistance of a point contact between two metals and the dynamics of the scatterers is used to discuss new experimentalExpand
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Kinetics of magnetic flocculation. I. Flocculation of colloidal particles
The magnetic dipole-dipole interaction between magnetized colloidal particles can lead to particle aggregation (flocculation) when it is strong enough to outweigh the stabilizing forces ofExpand
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A new method for measuring the conductivity of arbitrarily shaped two-dimensional samples
Abstract A new method is proposed to determine the assumed homogeneous conductivity of a thin sample with uniform thickness and arbitrary shape. Positions of the current and voltage contacts areExpand
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Kinetics of magnetic flocculation. II. Flocculation of coarse particles
For pt.I see ibid., vol.23, p.1447 (1990). In theoretical studies of flocculation kinetics one usually assumes that the flocculation process reaches a steady state very rapidly. This assumption isExpand
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It is shown, for a particular model where the order parameter $\ensuremath{\Delta}(\mathrm{r})$ is a one-dimensional periodic step function, that the spectrum of the elementary excitations of aExpand
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Localized polariton modes of small cubic crystals
Localized polariton modes of small cubic crystals are studied. The eigenfrequencies of these modes are calculated for small cubic crystals in the continuum approximation, using a variationalExpand
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