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Lymphatic disturbances in lipoedema
Ziel: Die lymphatische Insuffizienz konnte bei dem fast ausschlieslich bei Frauen auftretenden Lipodem patho-physiologisch eine bedeutende Rolle spielen. Uber die Pathophysiologie dieser abnormExpand
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Case reportBockenheimer's syndrome
A case of a very extensive form of the rare Bockenheimer's syndrome (genuine diffuse phlebectasia) in a 45-year-old female patient is presented. The subject presented phlebectasias of the upper rightExpand
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Ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy of the insufficient short saphenous vein Functional improvement measured by air plethysmography
Ziel: Bestimmung der funktionellen Verbesserung des Venensystems nach Behandlung einer insuffizienten Vena saphena parva (VSP) mittels Ultraschall-gefuhrter Sklerotherapie. Patienten: 11Expand
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New or otherwise interesting desmid taxa from the Bangweulu region (Zambia). 1. Genera Micrasterias and Allorgeia (Desmidiales)
Background and aims - As for desmids, the Bangweulu wetlands in Zambia have turned out to belong to the most species-rich areas in Africa. Because of the scarce desmid literature dealing with thoseExpand
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Taxonomic and biogeographical notes on Okavango desmids (Zygnematophyceae, Streptophyta) II: Genera Cosmarium, Xanthidium and Staurastrum
In the present paper, a sequel to an earlier discussion on desmid algae from the Botswana Okavango Delta and the annexed Namibian Caprivi Strip, 25 taxa belonging to the genera Cosmarium, XanthidiumExpand
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Desmids from Lake Nabugabo (Uganda) and adjacent peat bogs
In 2006 the desmid flora of Lake Nabugabo and some adjacent peat bogs was studied. All in total some 108 taxa were identified. Fourteen taxa, most of them being only known from the African continent,Expand
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Remarkable desmid species from the southern Patagonian highlands
Phytoplankton research in a number of shallow lakes in southern Patagonia revealed the occurrence of three noteworthy Cosmarium species. One of them, Cosmarium decussare Brook et Williamson, foundExpand
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New or otherwise interesting desmid taxa from the Bangweulu region (Zambia). 2. Genera Staurodesmus, Staurastrum and Xanthidium (Desmidiales)
Background and aims – In a second contribution to the desmid flora of the Bangweulu wetlands in Zambia a selection of species from the genera Xanthidium, Staurodesmus and Staurastrum is discussed forExpand
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Some new and interesting desmids (Streptophyta, Desmidiales) from ephemeral puddles in the urban anti industrial areas of Amsterdam (Netherlands)
From ephemeral puddles in the urban and industrial areas of Amsterdam (Netherlands) four new species are described: Cosmarium amstelodamense, C. galeatum, C. fruticosum and C. scutiforme. InExpand