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Consensus standards for acquisition, measurement, and reporting of intravascular optical coherence tomography studies: a report from the International Working Group for Intravascular Optical
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this document is to make the output of the International Working Group for Intravascular Optical Coherence Tomography (IWG-IVOCT) Standardization and Validation available toExpand
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Effects of the Direct Lipoprotein-Associated Phospholipase A2 Inhibitor Darapladib on Human Coronary Atherosclerotic Plaque
Background— Lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2 (Lp-PLA2) is expressed abundantly in the necrotic core of coronary lesions, and products of its enzymatic activity may contribute to inflammationExpand
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Characterization of plaque components with intravascular ultrasound elastography in human femoral and coronary arteries in vitro.
BACKGROUND The composition of plaque is a major determinant of coronary-related clinical syndromes. Intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) elastography has proven to be a technique capable of reflecting theExpand
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Atherosclerotic tissue characterization in vivo by optical coherence tomography attenuation imaging.
Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is rapidly becoming the method of choice for assessing arterial wall pathology in vivo. Atherosclerotic plaques can be diagnosed with high accuracy, includingExpand
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Terminology for high-risk and vulnerable coronary artery plaques. Report of a meeting on the vulnerable plaque, June 17 and 18, 2003, Santorini, Greece.
A group of investigators met for two days in Santorini, Greece, to discuss progress in the field of identification and treatment of high risk/vulnerable atherosclerotic plaques and patients. ManyExpand
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B-mode ultrasound assessment of pravastatin treatment effect on carotid and femoral artery walls and its correlations with coronary arteriographic findings: a report of the Regression Growth
OBJECTIVES In this B-mode ultrasound study we assessed pravastatin treatment effects on carotid and femoral artery walls and investigated the correlations between the state and evolution ofExpand
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Shear stress affects the intracellular distribution of eNOS: direct demonstration by a novel in vivo technique.
The focal location of atherosclerosis in the vascular tree is correlated with local variations in shear stress. We developed a method to induce defined variations in shear stress in a straight vesselExpand
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P2A-3 High Frequency Attenuation and Size Distribution Measurements of Definity and Manipulated Definity Populations
The contrast agent Definitytrade has recently been shown to have substantial nonlinear activity at high ultrasound frequencies (>10 MHz), which has been hypothesized to be associated with theExpand
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Carotid intima-media thickness for cardiovascular risk assessment: systematic review and meta-analysis.
OBJECTIVE B-mode ultrasound measurement of the carotid intima-media thickness (CIMT) is a widely used marker for atherosclerosis and is associated with future cardiovascular events. This articleExpand
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Shear stress-induced changes in atherosclerotic plaque composition are modulated by chemokines.
We previously found that low shear stress (LSS) induces atherosclerotic plaques in mice with increased lipid and matrix metalloproteinase content and decreased vascular smooth muscle and collagenExpand
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