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XLIX. On nuclear electrons
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The Tully-Fisher Relation of the IRAS Minisurvey Galaxies
We investigated the possible influence on the Tully-Fisher relation of active massive star formation in IRAS galaxies, in order to estimate the contribution of star formation to their near-infraredExpand
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The Structure of Atoms and Molecules
SINCE in an elaborate criticism of Bohr's theory on the constitution of atoms and molecules, Prof. J. W. Nicholson, as in his letter to NATURE (February 5, p 630), comes to the conclusion (Phil.Expand
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The Number of Possible Elements and Mendeléeff's “Cubic” Periodic System
ACCORDING to Rutherford's theory of “single scattering” (“On the Scattering of α and β Particles by Matter and the Structure of the Atom”, Phil. Mag., May, 1911), and to Barkla's “Note on the EnergyExpand
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Intra-atomic Charge and the Structure of the Atom
I AM very grateful to Mr. Soddy (NATURE, December 4, p. 399) that in accepting in principle the hypothesis that the intra-atomic charge of an element is determined by its place in the periodic table,Expand
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A study of southern extreme IRAS galaxies. II, Radio continuum observations
As part of a multi-wavelength study of an infrared-complete sample of extreme IRAS galaxies with high far-infrared/blue luminosity ratios, 76 of them were observed at 6 cm wavelength with the VLA, inExpand
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A study of extreme IRAS galaxies
Disclaimer/Complaints regulations If you believe that digital publication of certain material infringes any of your rights or (privacy) interests, please let the Library know, stating your reasons.Expand
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A study of southern extreme IRAS galaxies. I : Optical observations
In order to study the processes that (strongly) enhance the star formation rate in some galaxies, 62 galaxies were selected from the IRAS point source catalogue with far-infrared to blue luminosityExpand
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A study of southern extreme IRAS galaxies. III : CO (J=1-0) line observations
As part of multi-wavelength study of an infrared-complete sample of some 50 extreme IRAS galaxies with a high far-infrared/blue luminosity ratio, CO(J = 1-0) line observations were made of 19 ofExpand
The far-infrared/Hα correlation of extreme IRAS galaxies
Using IRAS infrared data and Hα CCD data for a sample of 38 far-infrared selected starburst galaxies with far-infrared luminosities ranging from 10 9 to 5 10 11 L ⊙ ,we find that the far-infrared andExpand