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The capacity of T-lymphocytes to recognize “nonself” and tolerating “self” is formed as a result of positive and negative selection in the thymus. While obtaining and testing specificity of(More)
Antigen-binding T cells of mice immunized with low doses of syngenic spleen cells modified by 2,4,6-trinitrophenyl sulphonic acid, were fused with BW 5147.3.13 thymoma subclone. Suppressor hybridomas(More)
Recent investigations have shown that T hybridomas obtained by fusion of different populations of functionally active T cells and mouse thymomas or myelomas preserve the function of an immune T cell,(More)
The conditions of killer formation during the primary and secondary response were established in a one-way mixed lymphocyte culture (MLC), stimulated by irradiated or killed allogeneic lymphocytes.(More)