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Hydrogen Production From Water Electrolysis: Current Status and Future Trends
This paper reviews water electrolysis technologies for hydrogen production and also surveys the state of the art of water electrolytic integration with renewable energies. Expand
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Analytical Design Methodology for Litz-Wired High-Frequency Power Transformers
This paper presents an analytical design methodology for litz-wired HF power transformers that provides a deep insight into the transformer design problem making it a powerful tool for converter designers. Expand
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Renewable Hydrogen Production: Performance of an Alkaline Water Electrolyzer Working under Emulated Wind Conditions
This work has been performed within a Research and Development contract on Hydrogen Energy granted by Acciona Biocombustibles S. A., a branch of Acciona Energia, to the Public University of NavarraExpand
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Thermal performance of a commercial alkaline water electrolyzer: Experimental study and mathematical modeling
Abstract In this paper a study of the thermal performance of a commercial alkaline water electrolyzer (HySTAT from Hydrogenics) designed for a rated hydrogen production of 1 N m 3 H 2 /h at anExpand
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High-Efficiency Transformerless Single-phase Photovoltaic Inverter
Grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) systems usually include a line transformer in their power conversion stage. This transformer guarantees galvanic isolation between the grid and the PV system, thusExpand
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Frequency domain model of conducted EMI in electrical drives
A harmful aspect of adjustable speed drives is the presence of large high-frequency stray currents. The most important, from the view of electromagnetic compatibility, are common-mode currents at theExpand
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Buck-boost DC-AC inverter: proposal for a new control strategy
The buck-boost DC-AC inverter is a special topology consisting of two buck-boost DC-DC converters that generate an AC output voltage in a single stage. This is achieved by means of driving bothExpand
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High-Frequency Power Transformers With Foil Windings: Maximum Interleaving and Optimal Design
Foil conductors and primary and secondary interleaving are normally used to minimize winding losses in high-frequency (HF) transformers used for high-current power applications. However, windingExpand
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Modelling of PEM fuel cell performance: steady-state and dynamic experimental validation
This paper reports on the modelling of a commercial 1.2 kW proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC), based on interrelated electrical and thermal models. The electrical model proposed is based onExpand
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Static-dynamic modelling of the electrical behaviour of a commercial advanced alkaline water electrolyser
Abstract This paper analyses the permanent and transient behaviour of a 1 Nm 3  h −1 commercial advanced alkaline water electrolyser and develops a complete and integrated static–dynamic electricalExpand
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