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Measuring the efficiency of decision making units
A nonlinear (nonconvex) programming model provides a new definition of efficiency for use in evaluating activities of not-for-profit entities participating in public programs. A scalar measure of the
Previous studies of the so-called frontier production function have not utilized an adequate characterization of the disturbance term for such a model. In this paper we provide an appropriate
Calibration and Empirical Bayes Variable Selection
For the problem of variable selection for the normal linear model, selection criteria such as AIC, Cp, BIC and RIC have fixed dimensionality penalties. Such criteria are shown to correspond to
Assortative Matching and Search
In Becker’s (1973) neoclassical marriage market model, matching is positively assortative if types are complements: i.e. match output f(x, y) is supermodular in x and y. We reprise this famous result
Predictability , Complexity , and Learning
It is argued that the divergent part of Ipred(T), the mutual information between the past and the future of a time series, provides the unique measure for the complexity of dynamics underlying aTime series.
Type IIA Moduli Stabilization
We demonstrate that flux compactifications of type IIA string theory can classically stabilize all geometric moduli. For a particular orientifold background, we explicitly construct an infinite
Movement Corridors : Conservation Bargains or Poor Investments ?
Corridors for movement o f organisms between refuges are confounded with corridors designed for other function~ obscuring an assessment o f cost.effectivenesx The rationales for movement corridors
D-brane Field Theory on Compact Spaces
We consider Dirichlet p-branes in type II string theory on a space which has been toroidally compactified in d dimensions. We give an explicit construction of the field theory description of this
Stable Computation of Multiquadric Interpolants for All Values of the Shape Parameter
This study presents the first algorithm which not only can compute the interpolant for the full range e > 0, but it does so entirely without a progressive cost increase as e -~ 0.
Level truncation and the tachyon in open bosonic string field theory
The tachyonic instability of the open bosonic string is analyzed using the level truncation approach to string field theory. We have calculated all terms in the cubic action of the string field