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Yeast/E. coli shuttle vectors with multiple unique restriction sites.
Two yeast/E. coli shuttle vectors have been constructed. The two vectors, YEp351 and YEp352, have the following properties: (1) they can replicate autonomously in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and in E.Expand
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Yeast shuttle and integrative vectors with multiple cloning sites suitable for construction of lacZ fusions.
We report yeast/Escherichia coli shuttle vectors suitable for fusing yeast promoter and coding sequences to the lacZ gene of E. coli. The vectors contain a region of multiple unique restriction sitesExpand
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SDHA is a tumor suppressor gene causing paraganglioma.
Mitochondrial succinate-coenzyme Q reductase (complex II) consists of four subunits, SDHA, SDHB, SDHC and SDHD. Heterozygous germline mutations in SDHB, SDHC, SDHD and SDHAF2 [encoding for succinateExpand
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Mss51p and Cox14p jointly regulate mitochondrial Cox1p expression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Mutations in SURF1, the human homologue of yeast SHY1, are responsible for Leigh's syndrome, a neuropathy associated with cytochrome oxidase (COX) deficiency. Previous studies of the yeast model ofExpand
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Characterization of COX17, a Yeast Gene Involved in Copper Metabolism and Assembly of Cytochrome Oxidase*
Mutations in the COX17 gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae cause a respiratory deficiency due to a block in the production of a functional cytochrome oxidase complex. Because cox17 mutants are able toExpand
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SCO1 and SCO2 Act as High Copy Suppressors of a Mitochondrial Copper Recruitment Defect in Saccharomyces cerevisiae*
C129/U1 is a respiratory defective mutant of Saccharomyces cerevisiae arrested in cytochrome oxidase assembly due to a mutation in COX17, a nuclear gene encoding a low molecular weight cytoplasmicExpand
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[45] Cytochrome oxidase from beef heart mitochondria
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses the cytochrome oxidase from beef heart mitochondria. Cytochrome c oxidase is mostly assayed by the spectrophotometric method. The rate of oxidation ofExpand
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Shy1p is necessary for full expression of mitochondrial COX1 in the yeast model of Leigh's syndrome
SHY1 codes for a mitochondrial protein required for full expression of cytochrome oxidase (COX) in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Mutations in the homologous human gene (SURF1) have been reported to causeExpand
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Membrane protein degradation by AAA proteases in mitochondria: extraction of substrates from either membrane surface.
Two AAA proteases, each with its catalytic site at the opposite membrane surface, mediate the ATP-dependent degradation of mitochondrial inner membrane proteins. We demonstrate here that a modelExpand
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Involvement of mitochondrial ferredoxin and Cox15p in hydroxylation of heme O
Cox15p is essential for the biogenesis of cytochrome oxidase [Glerum et al., J. Biol. Chem. 272 (1997) 19088–19094]. We show here that cox15 mutants are blocked in heme A but not heme O biosynthesis.Expand
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