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Whole-body SPECT/CT for bone scintigraphy: diagnostic value and effect on patient management in oncological patients
PurposeThis study was designed to assess the additional value of SPECT/CT of the trunk used in conjunction with conventional nuclear imaging and its effects on patient management in a large patientExpand
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Ileus in critical illness: mechanisms and management.
Nonobstructive ileus, signifying the impairment of coordinated propulsive intestinal motility, remains a frequently documented and almost inevitable consequence of open abdominal surgery and sepsis.Expand
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Parkinson’s disease influences the perioperative risk profile in surgery
Background and aimsAim of this study was to define the perioperative risk profile in surgery of patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease (PD) in order to improve treatment options in theseExpand
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Anti-L1CAM radioimmunotherapy is more effective with the radiolanthanide terbium-161 compared to lutetium-177 in an ovarian cancer model
PurposeThe L1 cell adhesion molecule (L1CAM) is considered a valuable target for therapeutic intervention in different types of cancer. Recent studies have shown that anti-L1CAM radioimmunotherapyExpand
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Direct in vitro and in vivo comparison of 161Tb and 177Lu using a tumour-targeting folate conjugate
PurposeThe radiolanthanide 161Tb (T1/2 = 6.90 days, Eβ−av = 154 keV) was recently proposed as a potential alternative to 177Lu (T1/2 = 6.71 days, Eβ−av = 134 keV) due to similar physical decayExpand
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Lymph node dissection in primary intrahepatic malignant mesothelioma: case report and implications for diagnosis and therapy
IntroductionIn this rare case of intrahepatic malignant mesothelioma with subsequent lymph node metastases, hepatic segmentectomy in combination with repeated lymphadenectomy resulted in prolongedExpand
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Erste experimentelle Bestimmung einer thermochemischen Größe einer Seaborgiumverbindung
Nur wenige Atome von Seaborgium (Sg, Element 106), die zu fluchtigem SgO2Cl2 umgesetzt wurden, reichten aus, um die Sublimationsenthalpie dieser Verbindung gaschromatographisch zu bestimmen. DaruberExpand
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Pancreatogastrostomy after Pancreatoduodenectomy: A Safe, Feasible Reconstruction Method?
Pancreatogastrostomy is a safe reconstructive technique after pancreatoduodenectomy, even when performed as an educational operation in the hands of relatively inexperienced surgeons in a high-volumeExpand
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Der Einfluss des Morbus Parkinson auf das perioperative Risikoprofil unfallchirurgischer Patienten
AIM: Parkinson's disease (PD) is one of the most common degenerative diseases of the central nervous system affecting elderly patients with increasing demographic prevalence. The aim of this studyExpand
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