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The Surface Rupture and Slip Distribution of the 17 August 1999 İzmit Earthquake (M 7.4), North Anatolian Fault
The 17 August 1999 Izmit earthquake occurred on the northern strand of the North Anatolian fault zone. The earthquake is associated with a 145-km-long surface rupture that extends from southwest ofExpand
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The Academic Dean: Dove, Dragon and Diplomat
Successful academic management principles are presented for all sizes and types of post secondary education institutions. The department chairperson and the seasoned dean will gain unique insightsExpand
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The department chair as academic leader
This important new work will help department chairs, faculty, and administrators understand and address the increasing complexity of relationships within higher education, as well as the growingExpand
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Chairing the academic department
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Consensus clustering and functional interpretation of gene-expression data
Microarray analysis using clustering algorithms can suffer from lack of inter-method consistency in assigning related gene-expression profiles to clusters. Obtaining a consensus set of clusters fromExpand
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RGFGA: An Efficient Representation and Crossover for Grouping Genetic Algorithms
There is substantial research into genetic algorithms that are used to group large numbers of objects into mutually exclusive subsets based upon some fitness function. However, nearly all methodsExpand
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Learning Bayesian networks from big data with greedy search: computational complexity and efficient implementation
Learning the structure of Bayesian networks from data is known to be a computationally challenging, NP-hard problem. The literature has long investigated how to perform structure learning from dataExpand
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Consensus and Meta-analysis regulatory networks for combining multiple microarray gene expression datasets
Microarray data is a key source of experimental data for modelling gene regulatory interactions from expression levels. With the rapid increase of publicly available microarray data comes theExpand
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A Bayesian network approach to explaining time series with changing structure
Many examples exist of multivariate time series where dependencies between variables change over time. If these changing dependencies are not taken into account, any model that is learnt from theExpand
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